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Capacity can be effectively planned via the Tambla DutyManager. This powerful workload planning module enables an organisation to generate accurate workload demand forecasts by skill and role based on any type of pre-defined event schedule, be it a flight or maintenance schedule. Schedules can be imported directly from a
customer event schedule system.

By applying duty and work standards in terms of required resource levels for each event, a profile of workload requirement by skill and role can be quickly and easily calculated. This highly versatile module allows you to vary service parameters to effectively analyse the resourcing implications of new event schedules. Activities or tasks are generated to show the work that will be assigned to shifts. These activities are linked to the events to highlight the impact of delays.

DutyManager also supports powerful workload allocation rule sets so that once the base roster has been generated for staff (typically weekly in advance), daily activities or duties can be allocated to staff to provide a comprehensive and strategic plan of work across the day. This allocation can be used to deploy staff and help manage the

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