Manpower Planning

Transparent Planning based on your Workload Drivers such as Flight Schedules and Engagement Standards, Passenger and Queue Targets, Service Level Agreements, and Static Requirements.

Planning your Workforce around the needs of the business is key to ensuring Service Levels and Customer Expectations are met. Without a clear understanding of what / when / where staff are needed, how will you accurately plan your staff?

Workforce Planning enables you to base your Schedules off a combination of fully configurable Flight Schedules or other workload drivers, Work Standards such as Engagement Standards, Queue profiles, Volume metrics, Fixed staffing needs, plus other operational constraints.

The objective of this is to fully forecast your demand by Skill, Time of Day / Day of Week / Week of Year to enable the best, most accurate, and most transparent planning possible in the most automated an efficient way.

The Tambla Aviation Workforce Planning Solution is used across Ground Handling (Ramp, Passenger Services, Baggage, Cargo, Cleaning, Fuelling), Security (Central Screening, Aircraft Guarding, Secure Clean, Airport Perimeter and Access Control) and Customer Services (Passenger Facilitation, Information Desks, Special Services like PRM, UM, VIP, etc).

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Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Aviation

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