RealTime Operations

Supporting the Management of the Workforce on the Day of Operation in Real Time, including Attendance Updates, Break Management and Allocation & Dispatch.

Workforce Operations provides Operational Managers, Dispatchers, and Team Leaders the tools they need to manage and execute their Daily Operations, reducing the administrative burden, utilising data availability and capture, automating processes, so allowing your Managers to be Managing on the floor rather than Administering in an office.

Daily Rosters are populated from the Planning and Scheduling Process automatically. Presence updates such as Shift Sign In, known Absenteeism / No Shows, Tardiness, Breaks are captured and displayed, and Managers have the tools to update Shifts and Dutues as needed. Duty Allocation can be performed to ensure the most important tasks are given to the best available employees, updates for Tasks, Availability, Breaks, etc can be taken into account.

Real Time Allocation / Reallocation is performed in the event of changes (Flight Delay, Gate Change, Extra Service Request, Delay in Closing Flight, etc) and communicated to Team Leaders and Managers via mobile device.

Messaging and Alerts allow for remote and mobile Staff and Teams to communicate with Managers and the Control Room to ensure that Operations are always delivered in the best, safest and most compliant way.

Typical integration points include T&A (Tambla or external), Flights (Flight Ops, FIDS, AODB, etc) and other pertinent Airline / Airport Systems.

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