Scheduling & Rostering

Automated and Optimised Scheduling against your Demand, matching Employees Competencies, Scheduling Parameters, Operational Constraints, and Employee Availability / Preferences.

Tambla’s Workforce Scheduling allows for Automated and Optimised Scheduling of resources based on Workload, Staffing and Skillsets, Business Practice / Terms and Conditions, plus Operational Constraints and Employee Preferences.

Software algorithms support fixed and flexible scheduling by Employee group. The software workflow enables scenarios to be analysed before final Roster approval and publication to Staff. Options on screen allow Planners to visualise the Roster, Coverage, Costs, and other key metrics of the Schedule.

Inherent in this process is taking into account the Workforce, Qualification Breakdown, Rules for Shift Times / Work Weeks / Rest Periods, Costs / Budget, pre-approved Leave and Training, Planning Timelines, plus pre-approved Employee Requests / Preferences and Overtime Availability.

Scheduling can be flexible to optimise staffing across a single day or work week, and then levelled over a reference period (such as a month / quarter / year) to ensure fair distribution of Shifts and Unsocial Shifts.

Various algorithms and processes exist to allow Planners and Managers to automate the process of producing, costing, approving and publishing the Schedule, allowing for the heavy lifting to be performed by the software and these Planners and Managers using their business insight to ensure the output is the best it can be.

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