Talent Management

Using Demand, Scheduling and Employee data from the WFM Process to help identify Staffing Needs, Training Needs, and supporting Trend Analysis.

With all of the Schedule, Operational, Compliance / Performance, and Staff data used and captured through the end-to-end Workforce Management process, this information can be used to enhance the overall process and identify the talent within the organisation.

This may be as simple as using actual absenteeism rates to overplan the Schedule to ensure customer service is always met, identifying staff requiring re-certification to allow them to continue to work, or where you have a Skill shortage risk to trigger training or recruitment.

This may also be around bespoke monitoring of performance metrics unique to your Operation / Business allowing for the identification and reward of top employees and allowing you to provide training and support opportunities where relevant.

A selection of Dashboards exist to allow you to identify and manage your Talent, with data, extracts and APIs supporting a more bespoke approach, you’ll now have a single source of Workforce Talent Information to support your business.

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