Time & Attendance and Payroll

Electronic and Manual Time Capture to support Attendance Management, Plan to Actual Comparison, Shift Sign Off and Payroll Approvals.

Capture hours worked and enable automation of Supervisor and Manager Sign Off with full support of your payroll process through Tambla Time and Attendance.

Electronic and Manual methods of Time Capture are supported, including Clock provision by Tambla or integration with existing Clock devices. Punch times can be compared to the Plan, with “On Time” working auto approved and any discrepancies managed and approved by Shift Supervisors.

Based on Working Time Rules and any “Off Time” approvals, Employee Shifts can then be summarised into Payroll Hours Types (Standard Time, Overtime, Night Premiums, Public Holiday Working, Unpaid Time, etc) for full Actual Costing, Manager Approval, and Integration to Payroll.

Business and Working Time Rules allow for the configuration of Grace Periods, Pay Rounding Periods, differing levels of Sign Off, Pay Rules by Employee Group (Permanent vs. Casual vs. Outsourced or Salaried vs. Hourly, say), Special Times / Days and Uplifts, and identification of additional allowances (Night Workers, Meal Allowance, etc).

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