Time & Attendance

Tambla’s Aviation Time & Attendance module includes a wide range of facilities for current and historical management of attendance, calculation of hours, forward availability of labour and management of annualised hours/flexible-working schemes. Both clocking and non-clocking arrangements are supported.

Worked hours, overtime, sickness, holidays and other forms of absence are all addressed within the framework of an organisation’s working arrangements, business rules, pay rules and shift patterns including fixed, flexible and rotating shifts. Detailed management reporting enables control of attendance, absence and overtime.

Our recommended solution would incorporate the Hand Punch (HP) 3000 Hand reader biometric device for real time data capture for clockings. The unique advantage of this device is that it validates and verifies a 3 dimensional image of the employee’s hand and does not rely on finger print technology, which can be unreliable in manual labour environments where oil and dirt can impact on the finger printing technology. This device ensures that “buddy punching” is avoided and can be combined with a unique user keypad reference id which avoids the requirement for a separate identification card.

Designed from the ground up to provide users with the ability to see the impact of shift premiums and incentive payments in addition to full remuneration summarisation.  Integration with your own payroll system reduces manual and time consuming payroll processes.

Collection Service

The Rostima Collection Service (RCS) is an optional add-on to our Enterprise Plus software suite. The RCS is designed to provide communication to various different Time and Attendance (T&A) hardware devices, allowing the record of attendance swipes by employees within an organisation.

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