What-If Analysis

Enabling your Planners to assess the impact of changes in Demand, Staffing, Infrastructure and Strategy to ensure decision making is effective, transparent, and the impacts fully are understood.

The What If capability allows Planners to run Scenarios to assess the impact of any changes to the business.

Types of What If Analysis could include –

  • Quantifying the impact of winning (or losing) a Carrier and the impact on Peaks and Troughs and what that means for Staffing
  • Assessing updates in Employment Terms and Conditions or Bargaining Agreement changes
  • Contract bidding on new Services or at new Locations
  • Impact Analysis of Staff Multi-Skilling or Cross-Terminal working
  • Modelling the impact of Social Distancing on Passenger Service Times and what that means for Staff Numbers
  • Understanding the ramifications of implementing different technologies on Throughput, Service Times and Staffing.

What If Analysis uses functionality from the Manpower Planning and Scheduling and Rostering Solutions to ensure consistent Scenario comparisons and valid / deliverable outputs. A standard set of Scheduling Metrics and Coverage Statistics are available to ensure a Like-for-Like comparison of Scenarios so that informed decisions can be made.

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