Confirmation of Release – TBL – 2019 Annual Report to shareholders


It is a pleasure to deliver the 2019 Annual Report of Tambla Limited.  Reported performance of the business met some, but not all, of the revenue growth or profitability expectations of directors and management. The business did however finish the year both structurally stronger and continuing to maintain an increased Operating Cash Flow, Operating Profitability (EBITDA) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The financial highlights include:

  • ARR growth over 5 years has averaged 15% per annum;
  • ARR increasing to >$6.1 million and 69% of revenue;
  • Total revenue of $8.9 million, down 8% due to lower one-off licenses ($0.6 million down);
  • Operating cash flow increasing to $1.3 million, up 1,688%; and
  • EBITDA rising to $0.6 million, up 95%, continuing the progress of the last few years.

The full report can be read and downloaded here


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