Specialised modules for your industry


Our Client Services module was developed specifically for the aged and health care industries. Taking both your employees and client preferences into consideration, we optimise your remote or residential workforce providing mobile collection of hours worked, which can then be used to pay your staff and to invoice your clients.


Whether you're rostering thousands of staff or catering for thousands of guests, tambla WFM Event & Venue
Management allows you to manage all facets of your workforce planning.


Tambla's Job Order Billing module allows you to create invoices for you customers directly from the timesheets of your workforce.

Workforce Management

tambla can automate staff rosters, budgets, time sheets, payroll processes and client side invoicing and billing for both remote and on-the-road staff as well as location based employees. Developed specifically for the aged and health care industries – tamlba is able to manage a mobile workforce engaged in home visits or servicing multiple locations and clients.

Scheduling & Rostering

Our solution optimises staff allocation based on qualifications, client preference and location.

We provide users with the ability to view automatically optimised service schedules. Integrated GPS geolocation and mapping capabilities enable you to track resources, capture visiting times and automate milage and travel time calculations.

Our use of these technologies provides smart routing and optimisation of client visits and appointments.

Time & Attendance

From facial recognition and fingerprint biometric devices to mobile and tablet applications, tambla’s time collection options put an end to the laborious task of manually collecting and entering employee time sheet information.

Integrating this information provides for automated client billing and invoicing – based on actual hours worked.

Taking both your employee’s and client preferences into consideration, we optimise your remote or residential workforce.


Real-time engagement with your workforce is critical. Our internet enabled applications improve employee productivity, providing staff with the ability to access their schedules, accept & reject shifts, update availability, and view & submit leave requests.


Seamless integration into your existing payroll system eliminates the need for manual intervention and reduces human error. Tambla WFM ensures that the correct hours are transferred to payroll accurately and your workforce is paid correctly and on time.


Quickly and easily monitor trends, control overtime, compare budget to actual and improve planning and forecasting with our fully integrated reporting suite.

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