Roster Choices

Empower Employees with Roster Choices

Tambla Roster Choices

Provide employees with a simple menu of selections based on the flexible conditions within your awards – presented in the Employee Self-Service applications.

Automatic Integration

Present options, capture choices, record changes and apply the correct validations and calculations – all with minimal effort. Ensure related choices are considered automatically during the rostering process and when calculating costs and payroll.

Audit and Record

Maintain a full record of all history – including changes, dates, times and choices. Chose when to present options – either as ongoing choices or during certain ‘enrollment’ periods.

A fully integrated solution for handling Individual (Mutual)
Flexible Agreements that we call ‘Roster Choices’.

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Individual flexibility arrangements made easy

Employee Engagement

Use Tambla Roster Choices to provide your staff with their prefered flexible arrangements to help with retention and engagement initiatives.


Ensure compliance across your business rules and agreements. Automate the process of option selection, rostering and award interpretation and ensure the right results every time.


Seamless integration into your workforce planning strategy provides an out-of-the-box solution to the challenges of managing individual flexible arrangements.

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