Tambla Cloud

Cost Effective Cloud Solutions


Depending on your business requirements, Tambla is able to accomodate your hosting requirements - we offer dedicated hosting, co-hosting and multi-tennant options to ensure your IT and security requirements are met.


Tambla operates datacentres located in Australia under ISO 270001 and ISO 9001 accreditation. Our cloud solutions are backed up with industry recognised security proceedures and protocols ensuring security of your data at all times.


Tambla cloud is cost effective too. When compared to solutions like AWS we can host your Tambla solutions at extremely competitive rates - you may be surprised what you can save.

Increase Performance

If you are currently hosting your own Tambla software, or are running in a multi-tenant environment, you may experience performance benefits when moving to a Tambla Cloud dedicated platform.

Version Control

Upgrade your Tambla WFM and move forward at your own pace. Our multi-tenant platforms benefit from regular upgrades that are deployed by us. In dedicated or co-hosted environments, you have total control over the release cycle enabling testing, integration and roll-out at a pace determined by you.

Managed Services

Our experienced infrastructure team monitor platforms around the clock - ensuring your hosted platforms are operating efficiently and effectively. We employ a suite of tools that ensure the platforms are maintained and kept current so that your teams can manage your business and not the technology.

Cloud solutions delivered the way you need them.

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