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Becoming an insights driven organisation through Workforce Analytics

People are an organisation’s single most expensive and complicated asset. It goes without question that the collective data derived from an organisation’s workforce is

Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Intelligent Workforce Analytics

Transform your staffing analyses through Business-Driven Insights Tambla Insights’ dashboards let you visualise the tracking and monitoring of your teams for a rich, reliable

Streamlining & Optimising your Scheduling & Rostering

The times indeed are ‘a-changin’, particularly when it comes to global workforces, our customers, how and where we manage and service them. This has
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Automating & Streamlining Your Time and Attendance Management

eBook Automating & Streamlining Your Time and Attendance Management Download Now A successful business is a growing business. With growth comes the challenges of

Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Councils

Tambla enables Councils in Australia to plan their workforce requirements with ease. With the ability and local knowledge to accommodate the complexity of modern

Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Scheduling & Rostering

The right employees, in the right place, at the Right time, with the right skills – for the right cost Is managing your workforce
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Intelligent Workforce Solutions for payroll – Tambla PayCE

Designed to handle some of the most complex employment frameworks in the world, Tambla PayCE is a dedicated SaaS engine that can integrate with

Tambla Intelligent Workforce Solutions

We are an innovative enterprise HR software company delivering cloud-first, intelligent workforce solutions to organisations with large “shift-based” workforces. We provide these companies with

Tambla Insight Solutions

Unlock the value of your workforce data with real-time, actionable insights into critical operational metrics. Tambla Insights can provide analysis of your data at

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