SAP Consulting Services

Tambla are your go-to Australian SAP Consultants. We are an SAP Essential Partner with the expertise to successfully implement, optimise, and support your SAP HCM and SuccessFactors platforms.  We help your HR and Payroll teams to automate process, drive efficiency and unlock their full potential.

Teaming up with Tambla: The Benefits of our SAP Services

At Tambla, our pioneering work in SAP Human Capital Management and our groundbreaking achievements, like the first successful deployment of STP2 for SAP Payroll in Australia, set us apart. 

As an SAP Essential Partner, our focus on your success underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in the domain.

Our expertise as SAP Consultants and subject matter expertise is evident in the way we approach our client engagements.

We deliver projects on time and on budget and we deliver value by applying a consistent and proven framework for systems implementation, management, support and upgrades.

Beyond SAP support,managed services and outsourcing, we craft comprehensive strategies for the entire HR technology spectrum. 

We offer solutions that cover every aspect of managing your workforce – from planning to payroll.

Our holistic approach ensures the technology aligns with your business strategy.

With our deep roots as Australian SAP consulting experts, we’re the perfect SAP partner to offer a diverse and flexible range of services to suit your specific needs. 

From comprehensive HR related Consulting Services to addressing the niche challenges of SAP Payroll, we’re here to craft solutions that resonate with your unique requirements, delivering optimal results every time.

Our SAP Services

Our SAP practice is recognised as an Essential Partner for Human Capital Management – with specialisations in HR,  Payroll and Talent Management

Strategic HR Consulting Services

Whether it's designing an overarching HR technology strategy, implementing HCM software, or addressing specific challenges, Tambla's industry-recognised experts have you covered.

Leveraging our core strengths in process automation, workforce strategy, and data visualisation, our team can assist with seamlessly integrating SAP solutions in your HR technology stack.

STP2 Readiness Services

Tambla's team are recognised specialists in STP and STP2 consulting. Our approach, deeply rooted in a structured methodology, guides you from initial review to final implementation, ensuring you're STP2-ready.

With a legacy of being the first to transition an Australian SAP Payroll to STP2, we thoroughly assess your current payroll system, delivering a comprehensive report on readiness and actionable next steps.

SAP System Support and Managed Services

Ensure your systems run like clockwork with Tambla's proactive SAP support services.

Ranging from application support to secure cloud hosting, fully managed services or even outsourced payroll services, our tailored solutions cater to your specific needs.

Our expert team ensure your business thrives without technological constraints. Our commitment extends beyond just support – we offer state-of-the-art cloud platforms, all maintained and hosted right here in Australia.

SAP Implementation Services

Transform your visions into reality with Tambla's SAP implementation expertise.

Our seasoned professionals are adept at crafting solutions and we pride ourselves on delivering projects within set timelines and budgets, utilising a proven framework for both cloud and on-premise system implementations.

Beyond mere execution, our team fosters a keen interest in our client’s operations and always has one eye on innovation.

Committed to your success, we stand by you, ensuring your objectives transition from blueprint to reality.

Case Study

Learning from the best: Tambla's partnership with a leading childcare provider

Tambla successfully delivered a tailored solution to resolve the SAP Payroll challenges faced by one of Australia’s largest early learning and childcare organisations. 

Explore how Tambla not only helped them on their path to successful deployment of STP2 within their SAP system, but how the attention to detail and service delivery provided impressed the client sufficiently to expand the engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are SAP Consulting Services?

SAP Consulting Services provide expert guidance on the selection, implementation, and optimisation of SAP solutions tailored to address specific business challenges and needs.

SAP Payroll is a dedicated module in the SAP HCM suite that automates payroll processing. It ensures accurate calculations, timely disbursements, and compliance with local tax and labour regulations.

Tamnla’s SAP Consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the SAP suite and can customise its modules to fit your business requirements, ensuring efficient workflows, data management, and streamlined operations.

Customised SAP solutions are tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring a better fit and more efficient outcomes. While off-the-shelf options may offer generic solutions, customisation ensures alignment with your business processes and goals.

Australian SAP Consultants like Tambla, are well-versed in local regulations and remain up-to-date on compliance changes. They ensure that your SAP systems are configured to adhere to these rules, minimising compliance risks.

Australian SAP Consultants, likeTambla, bring both global SAP expertise and more importantly, experience and understand of the localised market and its laws, regulations, and other compliance considerations understanding.

SAP Payroll Services integrate with other SAP modules, automating data inputs, calculations, and disbursements. With the expertise of SAP Consultants, the system can be optimised for accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, ensuring a seamless payroll experience.

Tambla is experienced in guiding businesses through the complex transition process to cloud-based systems, ensuring minimal disruption. They offer strategic insights, training, and support to leverage the benefits of cloud integration.