SAP SuccessFactors HR
& HCM Solutions

Tambla are specialists in SAP HCM and HR solutions that are specifically tailored for modern organisations. With the changing corporate landscape, there’s an emphasis on employee experience and retention. Leveraging SAP SuccessFactors, we provide flexible HRIS software for agile business decisions. Our technology and expertise streamline HR strategies, enhancing decision-making and engagement through our solutions.

Reap the benefits of our SAP HR & HCM expertise

Tambla’s delivery of SAP’s sophisticated Enterprise HR software is meticulously planned to enhance operational efficiencies. 

By leveraging automation for pivotal functions, such as payroll and onboarding processes, we significantly reduce manual intervention and procedural delays. 

This fine-tuned HCM efficiency not only bolsters day-to-day operations but strategically positions enterprises to better maintain rigorous standards of accuracy and compliance.

Navigating the multifaceted landscape of the modern Enterprise HR technology stack can benefit from specialist knowledge. 

Tambla takes a proactive approach, centralising and meticulously integrating or managing your SAP systems. 

Whether you use Tambla for system deployment and implementation or a more comprehensive managed service, our commitment is to help you with the smooth and reliable operation of your Enterprise HCM software.

Backed by decades of experience within the Australian HR & Payroll arena, Tambla can provide you with unparalleled expertise. 

We harness our specialist knowledge to curate Enterprise HR solutions that are not only technically robust but also perfectly aligned with the unique nuances of the Australian business landscape. 

Every solution we provide is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our clients benefit from both industry-leading insights and best-practice methodologies.

The goal of modern Enterprise HCM is to provide seamless and automated processes. 

Tambla’s solutions are designed to effortlessly merge with existing core systems, utilising state-of-the-art integration techniques to optimise and automate data flow between platforms.. 

Our self-service modules accommodate the modern workforce and help companies to foster a culture of empowerment, granting the workforce real-time access to the critical data they need to perform at their best.

Approach your next SuccessFactors project with confidence

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a sophisticated human capital management platform that ticks all the HR boxes for the modern enterprise.

Utilising its cloud-based infrastructure, it effectively addresses the core challenges of HR, streamlining employee onboarding, engagement, and retention.

With a comprehensive set of capabilities, SuccessFactors ensures businesses have a robust system to manage their workforce, backed by data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

As a certified SAP partner, and backed by years of successful deployments, Tambla is the ideal partner for all things SuccessFactors.

HRIS Software

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, provides all of your core HR functionality in single platform. Coupled with Tambla’s extensive service delivery capability, we provide the pinnacle of modern cloud-based HR management systems.

With a modular approach to capability deployment that allows you to select just those features that you need, we empower companies with automated and standardised processes to support their multifaceted HR functions.

Each system can be meticulously designed and deployed to accommodate scalability and flexibility. As your businesses changes overtime, you can be secure that your core HR platforms adapt to your changing business needs.


SAP SuccessFactors is the leading edge of modern HR software, and like Tambla, they have a focus on enriched employee experiences that drive real business value.

Integrated with pioneering intelligent services and streamlined operational workflows, HXM repositions HR from transactional processes to strategic employee-centric management.

Talk to Tambla to find out how cohesive, data-informed, and adaptive HR ecosystem, ensuring businesses are better equipped to meet the dynamic demands of today's workforce.

Tambla can optimise and curate this powerful platform to take your HR & HCM operations to the next level.

Find out more about what we do, who we do it for and how we help.

Correcting Payroll Underpayments

Explore how Tambla provided the critical transformation that delivered more than just a corrective measure but a solution that assures both the payroll department and the leadership team, instilling confidence in the accuracy and compliance of the company's payroll processes.

From Outage to Upgrade

Explore how Tambla provided the timely emergency solution that allowed immediate restoration of access to the SAP HR technology stack even before the department's own network was back online.

Government Transport Digital Transformation

Explore how Tambla provided a digital transformation and streamlined success for an Australian Government Transport Department where Tambla solutions enhanced efficiency, elevated service levels, and empowered operations mark a significant achievement.

How Tambla Pay Compliance can help you to improve payroll governance

Leading Childcare Provider

Learn how Tambla provided the necessary solution for the organisation with a tailored approach that ensured confidence in meeting their service levels, reduced compliance risks and delivered a streamlined approach to managing their complex HR requirements.

Taking Care of Your Humans in Human Resources

There was a time when hiring and onboarding talent took weeks to orchestrate throughout an organisation. Wading through tedious manual processes and paperwork was the norm.

Elevate your Enterprise HR & HCM with Tambla

Explore modern HR & HCM terrain confidently with Tambla. Leverage the precision and expertise of our team and the powerful SuccessFactors and HRIS solutions. Transition seamlessly from old practices to data-driven automation. Ready to redefine your HR & HCM approach? Partner with Tambla.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Enterprise HR & HCM Solutions?

Enterprise HR & HCM Solutions are software platforms tailored to manage and streamline various human resource functions, from hiring to payroll. These systems ensure efficient and strategic management of human capital within an organisation.

Enterprise HCM software, like that provided by Tambla, seamlessly integrates with existing systems, optimising processes with automation. Moreover, self-service modules provide the workforce with real-time data access, enhancing operational efficiency and meeting the needs of today’s tech-savvy employees.

Streamlined efficiency ensures quick and accurate HR processes, reducing manual tasks and delays. With efficient Enterprise HR software, businesses can make faster decisions, enhance employee experiences, and gain a competitive advantage.

Enterprise HR systems proactively centralise and oversee HR functions. By continuously monitoring and intervening when necessary, they mitigate risks, ranging from human errors to system discrepancies, ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operation of the Enterprise HCM software and reducing the risk of compliance consequences and costs.

Scalability ensures that the HR software can adapt as an organisation grows or its needs evolve. Enterprise HR solutions, such as those designed by Tambla, are made to adapt to both global strategies and regional intricacies, making them future-proof for evolving business landscapes.

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human capital management platform that addresses core HR challenges, streamlining processes like onboarding, engagement, and retention. It offers tools and analytics to manage the workforce and provides data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

HCM focused enterprises use platforms like SAP HXM to shift the focus of HR from transactional to strategic, employee-centric management. By merging innovative technology with intuitive design, HXM offers businesses a comprehensive solution that fosters a cohesive and adaptive HR ecosystem.

Local expertise ensures solutions are tailored to the specific nuances and regulations of the Australian business landscape. Tambla, with its 40 years of experience in the Australian HR & Payroll arena, guarantees compliance and aligns with local business practices.

Tambla’s HRIS solution, developed within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central offers precision tools and scalability, it empowers businesses to efficiently standardise, automate, and manage their multifaceted HR functions all managed by Australians, in Australia.