SAP Payroll Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing your SAP payroll processing can drive time
& cost efficiencies, improve compliance, and reduce your
administrative burden.

If you use SAP payroll systems  in your business, outsourcing the process of running your payroll every pay period may be the smart option.

Our dedicated team has been running payroll for clients in health, government, manufacturing and distribution for decades and we have never missed a pay-run.

Whether you have inhouse or hosted SAP payroll systems, you can outsource the process of running payroll to our dedicated team – freeing your time to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives by handing the administrative processes to Tambla.

Our Payroll Processing team specialise in paying people – and it’s a job that they do well

Regular Payroll Processing

Our payroll processing services have been designed and are undertaken by payroll specialists. Typical regular inclusions are:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Corrections to Payroll data
  • Complete Payroll Processing
  • Create Bank file for EFT
  • Provide EFT file to Clearing House
  • Finance GL Postings
  • Off-Cycle Processing

    We understand the need for changes to be made and provide a compelte off-cycle service including:

  • Master Data Corrections for Off Cycle Processing
  • Process Off Cycle Run
  • Off Cycle Reporting
  • Create Bank file for EFT
  • Provide EFT file to Clearing House
  • Finance GL Postings
  • Terminations

    Handling final payments can be complex and providing a timely outcome is important. Let Tambla handle your:

  • Master Data entry
  • Simulation of Termination Results
  • Validation of Termination Results
  • Process Terminations
  • Include payment in applicable Payroll Process
  • Case Study

    Correcting underpayments: Tambla's payroll innovation in action

    A multinational organisation with a local franchise network of over 600 stores and 7,500 employees had historically underpaid its workforce due to poor systems configuration and lack of visibility into potential compliance problems. 

    Discover how Tambla provided the solution to address this issue through a business and Payroll process transformation with enhanced time keeping and reporting systems.

    SAP Partner Specialisations

    We are more than an outsourced service vendor

    No matter where your SAP Payroll solution is hosted and irrespective of your version, Tambla has experience
    and can provide Payroll Processing Services. From SAP ECC to SuccessFactors EC / ECP – our team has the
    experience and skills to support your business today.

    Transform your payroll process with Tambla

    At Tambla, we pride ourselves on our in-house and local delivery capability – with all our team-based right here in Australia. We focus on building long-term partnerships by providing reliable, resilient services to our clients so they can focus on running their businesses.

    From implementation to processing, Tambla can provide a one-stop-shop for specialist HR and Payroll technology services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is payroll software?

    Payroll software automates the process of compensating employees, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with various regulations.

    SAP payroll solutions integrate seamlessly with HR systems, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing employee compensation.

    Payroll compliance ensures that all aspects of payroll adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, avoiding legal repercussions.

    Tambla’s payroll software is tailored for Australian regulations, ensuring compliance with local requirements, including award payroll calculation.

    Managed payroll services allow businesses to outsource their payroll processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency through expert handling.

    Cloud payroll systems offer flexibility, scalability, and real-time updates, ensuring businesses remain compliant and efficient without infrastructure constraints.

    Yes, many SAP payroll solutions are cloud-integrated, offering the combined benefits of SAP’s robust system and cloud flexibility.

    Award payroll calculation ensures employees are compensated based on their employment award, taking into account factors like overtime, allowances, and penalty rates.


    Absolutely. Comparing features, benefits, and costs between different payroll software options, including SAP payroll, helps businesses identify the best fit for their needs.

    Tambla combines advanced payroll software with expert services, ensuring streamlined operations, compliance, and enhanced user experience.