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Secure, scalable, superior: Discover the power of Tambla Cloud

At Tambla, we recognise the vital role of flexible and secure HR technology platforms. Our Tambla Cloud service offers a range of customisable hosting options designed to meet the unique needs of your business. With a focus on data security, cost-effectiveness, and performance optimisation, Tambla Cloud ensures that your Tambla solutions are deployed efficiently and securely. By choosing Tambla Cloud, you empower your business with the resilience, control, and innovative technology needed to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

The Benefits of Teaming Up with Tambla in the Cloud

At Tambla, our commitment to providing top-tier cloud hosting solutions sets us apart. As a leader in cloud-based workforce management, our Tambla Cloud services offer unparalleled flexibility, security, and performance.

Tambla Cloud excels in providing top-tier cloud solutions tailored for workforce management, ensuring superior efficiency and reliability. With cutting-edge technology, it offers scalable, secure environments to enhance operational productivity and cost-effectiveness, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.

Tambla Cloud specialises in delivering customisable, user-focused services for hosting, workforce management, HR, and payroll solutions. Tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, Tambla ensures an optimal match for your business needs, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Tambla Cloud leverages innovative strategies to maximise performance and achieve superior results, aligning their cloud solutions closely with your business objectives. This approach ensures that every aspect of your operation benefits from the latest advancements in technology, driving both efficiency and goal attainment.

Tambla Cloud is dedicated to offering customised cloud services tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. By focusing on individual cloud hosting requirements, Tambla ensures your business receives a personalised solution that supports your specific objectives, enhancing efficiency and scalability.


On Track to Success: Driving Digital Transformation for Government Transport Department

Explore how Tambla provided a digital transformation and streamlined success for an Australian Government Transport Department where Tambla Cloud solutions enhanced efficiency, elevated service levels, and empowered operations, which marks a significant achievement.

Soar to New Heights with Tambla Cloud Solutions Powerful Features

Enhanced Hosting Flexibility

Tambla Cloud offers a range of hosting options, including dedicated, co-hosted, and multi-tenant solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your business's specific IT and security needs.

Robust Data Security

Operating under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, Tambla Cloud guarantees the security of your data that is exclusively hosted in Australia with industry-standard procedures and protocols.

Cost-Effective Operations

Tambla Cloud is designed to be budget-friendly, offering competitive rates that can lead to significant cost savings compared to other hosting solutions.

Performance Optimisation

Migrating to Tambla Cloud's dedicated platform can result in noticeable improvements in performance, especially for businesses currently hosting their own Tambla software.

Controlled Version Upgrades

With Tambla Cloud, you have complete control over your software's upgrade cycle, allowing for customised testing, integration and deployment.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Tambla Cloud includes round-the-clock platform monitoring by an experienced infrastructure team, ensuring efficient and effective operation of your hosted platforms.

Up-to-Date Solutions

Stay current with the latest updates and features for your Tambla platform, deployed in alignment with your change management processes.

Tailored Flexibility

The Tambla Cloud solutions are customisable, allowing you to tailor a package that precisely meets your unique business requirements.


Download our Tambla Cloud Datasheet

Discover the full potential of Tambla Cloud with our complimentary datasheet. Whether you’re seeking flexible deployment options for your workforce management solutions, stringent data security, or cost-effective hosting alternatives, Tambla Cloud is your answer. Our datasheet provides an in-depth look at how our cloud services can optimise your workforce processes, from dedicated and co-hosted hosting to automated time and attendance, workforce management, and award interpretation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business with Tambla Cloud. Download the datasheet now and step into a world of enhanced efficiency and security​.

Ready for takeoff? Embark with Tambla Cloud today

Is your business looking into cloud-based HR, Payroll or WFM technology platforms? Tambla Cloud is your key to unlocking streamlined, secure, and efficient solutions. Our advanced Tambla Cloud services are designed to cater to your specific hosting and data security needs. Engage with our team of experts to discover how our bespoke cloud solutions can enhance your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What key advantages do cloud-based workforce management solutions offer?

Cloud-based workforce management software provides scalability, remote accessibility, and real-time data insights. These solutions often reduce IT overhead, improve operational efficiency, and offer robust data security.

Cloud workforce management software typically includes advanced security features like encryption, secure data centres, and compliance with international security standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive employee data.

Yes, cloud-based HR and payroll solutions often offer seamless integration with existing business applications, enabling efficient data synchronisation and streamlined processes.

Cloud rosters and cloud payroll solutions are appealing due to their ability to automate complex tasks, provide flexible scheduling options, and offer accurate payroll processing, all accessible remotely.

Tambla Cloud enhances cloud payroll solutions by offering customisable options, ensuring compliance, and delivering efficient payroll processing tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Tambla Cloud provides advanced cloud-based workforce management software features like scalable hosting options, robust data security, and integrated tools for effective scheduling and compliance management.

Tambla Cloud operates under strict security protocols, with all data hosted on Australian soil. It is compliant with ISO 270001 and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring robust data security and protection against unauthorised access.

Yes, Tambla Cloud is designed to complement SAP payroll cloud systems, offering seamless integration and enhanced functionality for comprehensive workforce management

Absolutely, Tambla Cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing cloud HCM systems, enhancing data consistency and streamlining HR and payroll processes.