Is your HR software aligned with your organisation’s objectives?


The role of the HR function has transformed over the last few years. HR is no longer merely about the management of employees. It is now a core strategic driver of enterprise success.

In line with this, HR software is now being widely invested in by organisations looking to leverage the HR function in the organisational decision-making process. But with the multitude of software available, how can organisations ensure that they are investing in the right piece of technology?

I believe HR software should only be adopted if it plays a critical role in the achievement of organisational objectives. This especially runs true for SMEs who cannot afford to make exorbitant investment errors.

Therefore, adoption should be driven by strategic planning. What are the objectives? What are the key drivers of these objectives? What is required in order to achieve these objectives?

Having a holistic understanding of the objective roadmap should inform the type of HR software that will help drive the organisational objectives.

How robust is your current HR software stack? Is it aligned to your organisational objectives?

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