Cloud IT Solutions: A flexible approach to HR operations

Cloud IT Solutions: A flexible approach to HR operations

A pivot to cloud technology has become a key priority in organisations across Australia. Gartner’s 2023 CIO and Technology Executive Survey found that 62% of Australian CIOs planned to increase cloud investments while reducing spending on traditional data centres. This shift reflects the continuing, broader trend to embrace the cloud’s potential for scalability, efficiency, and innovation. 

Cloud IT solutions stand out for their unmatched flexibility, enabling organisations to adapt to market changes and demands without the significant upfront costs of traditional IT infrastructure, which is difficult to scale and restricts quick innovation. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, cloud capabilities have become a necessity for modern HR operations. What can your business gain from cloud-based HR technology?

Cloud and Data Centre Spending in Australia, 2023

Source: Gartner.

Built-in data security

Your HR platforms store some of your company’s most sensitive information, including your team’s personal details, payroll information and company financial records. Data breaches can cause financial loss and significantly erode employee trust. As such, you need HR solutions that offer high-level security.

Cloud platforms often provide a security baseline to protect your company’s sensitive data. For example, Tambla Cloud aligns with the ISO 27001 standard for information security and ISO 9001 for quality. Our data centres reside in facilities with ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management, SOC 1 and 2 for financial controls and are DTA Certified Strategic. We host our customer’s data in Australia to protect it under local privacy laws. So, your organisation does not need to focus on securing the servers or cloud environment other than maintaining your own security controls to protect access to the applications and data stored in the cloud.

Reduced and optimised costs

Purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading physical servers and hardware generates significant upfront and long-term costs.  Maintaining the necessary controls and continuous accreditation for specific standards can be costly and time-consuming. Cloud solutions provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-house software hosting. They allow your organisation to host and manage HR software without upfront investments and continuous maintenance costs. This costing model enables your organisation to align expenses more closely with usage levels and business growth and maintain a more predictable operating expense.

Moreover, cloud services offer financial flexibility and efficiency that legacy on-premises systems cannot provide. Cloud platforms use a pay-for-what-you-use model, making it easier to manage costs and scale services up or down based on demand. This scalability optimises operational expenses and ensures that HR capabilities can quickly adapt to changing business needs, enabling growth and innovation without excessive costs.

Improved software performance

Hosting HR software in the cloud generates performance enhancements. Unlike traditional in-house hosting, dedicated cloud environments can handle specific workload demands and scale resources on demand, providing faster processing, reduced downtime, and greater overall reliability.

Cloud platforms offer scalable resources, which means they can adjust to fluctuating demands without manual adjustments or load testing. This adaptability ensures your organisation can maintain high performance during peak periods without straining your systems or investing in additional hardware.

Configurable to suit your organisation

Cloud platforms enable configuration and integration for workforce management, HR, and payroll solutions. The cloud allows your company to implement, integrate and tailor modules and features to meet specific requirements and business challenges. By providing flexibility and scalability, this modular approach ensures your organisation can manage human resources processes effectively, regardless of size or complexity.

Configuration also extends into the type of cloud hosting available. Your organisation can choose from various options to find the perfect solution for your company’s needs within your budget. These include: 

  • Dedicated servers that host only your organisation’s environment.
  • Co-hosted servers, which combine your own hardware with a cloud provider’s solutions.
  • Multi-tenant solutions that host multiple organisations on the same server.

Controlled upgrade processes

Cloud platforms may provide the flexibility to manage upgrades in line with your company’s operational rhythm. Alternatively, they may come with scheduled upgrades that allow forward planning based on calendar dates. No matter the method, you stay current with the latest available capability as updates are deployed. Modern cloud services and platforms are designed to maintain continuity and provide your organisation with the reliability needed for mission-critical people platforms. 

Customised testing, integration, and deployment may be essential to ensure new features function as expected in your business. By choosing a cloud platform that aligns with your change management processes or provides off-line testing platforms, you’re not just keeping up with the latest technology — you’re ensuring that each update brings tangible improvements to your operations.


Cloud computing has long been recognised as a strategic move towards more secure, cost-effective, and performance-oriented business operations. Cloud HR technology enables your organisation to transform HR by offering a more economical approach than traditional hosting methods. The cloud enables your company to scale without the burden of significant upfront investments, paying only for the resources used.

Additionally, cloud platforms offer enhanced performance as your HR software can scale with the company’s needs. The cloud also increases customisability with tailored setups to meet specific organisational requirements. This flexibility – alongside controlled upgrade processes – ensures your organisation stays current and adapts quickly to new challenges, all while maintaining operational efficiency.

Why choose Tambla Cloud?

Embrace the power of flexibility, security, and efficiency for your HR operations with our cloud solutions. Our experts provide secure, customised solutions that reduce hosting costs and enhance performance. As a leader in cloud-based workforce management, we deliver top-tier hosting solutions that offer unparalleled flexibility, security, and performance. Visit our Tambla Cloud page to download our datasheet or get in touch.

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