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What is SaaS payroll?

Essentially, software as a service (SaaS) provides you with the full functionality of software solutions without the cost of hosting it, upgrading it or supporting it.  It gives your employees the opportunity to have an enhanced user experience without heavy implementation or development costs by your business. These solutions are available via mobile, tablet or desktop as long as it as long as it is connected to the Internet.  Our own on-demand SaaS solutions have been the backbone of our payroll business for more than 20 years.

Why SaaS?

Whether you need to update your software or are looking for hosting and support, Tambla have a SaaS (and PaaS) solutions for your business. 

For over 20 years, our team have been providing exceptional SaaS and PaaS services to a range of customers in the Health, Government and Private sectors.  Our Solutions include:

  • A rapid implementation template solution to get your payroll up and running as quickly as possible
  • State of the art SAP payroll solutions with great user experience for employees, managers and professional users
  • Hosting (Platform as a Service – PaaS) and support services for existing SAP solutions
  • Health Template solution for SaaS payroll for the Health Industry
  • Full integration for identity management
  • Enhanced User experience

Here are some of the benefits realised by companies that use SaaS solutions:

Lower your digital footprint

Sustainability has become a business imperative and utilising Cloud hosted software via a PaaS or SaaS arrangement, can significantly reduce your IT infrastructure footprint in line with your environmental and sustainability initiatives. For this reason, IT sustainability is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it has become a business imperative.

Moving to SaaS can significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions – in line with common environmental goals. SaaS solutions can also provide benefits in, risk mitigation and cost savings for most businesses. There are often benefits for end user experience through better performance and delivery speed, software development lifecycle cost reductions. Moving to SaaS can provide a signal to the marketplace that you are a modern digital business that understands sustainability is a key component of your long-term viability and commitment.

Save time and costs

With a SaaS payroll service for your business, you can reduce costs and save time by:

  • Only paying for what you need – pay for licencing for the HRIS and Payroll components needed
  • Painless upgrades – we take care of upgrades to reduce stress and costs and ensure a legislatively compliant service
  • Cutting down on expenses associated with hiring and retaining in-house payroll employees
  • Secure, Australian based data storage for all of our SaaS solutions
  • Supported integration for your existing integration requirements
  • A Help Desk dedicated to effective and efficient payroll

Remain compliant

For your payroll to function efficiently, it needs to adhere to all laws and legislation. If you are managing payroll across various legislative areas, self-hosting payroll software can be a risk for you.

Your employees need to have specialised skills to ensure that your company is complying with the current legislation as well as dedicated IT resources to keep it all current. Many companies have struggled to stay current with the industrial instruments in Australia, and how they have evolved, so it can be difficult for staff to keep track of changing laws and adapt the process and incorporate new rules. That can lead to errors in payments and filings which can result in heavy penalties. 

A SaaS payroll solution comes with experts who are specially trained and dedicated to maintaining the solution and can expertly guide you on; resilience, data protection, privacy and compliance risk management. Our support and professional services team keep updated with legislation changes, the maintenance of proper records, and ensure that all legislation filings are completed on time. Our experts can also assist you keep up with the current legislation to avoid fines and risk associated with payroll.

SaaS payroll with Tambla

Tambla has experience working with enterprise and government clients to implement SaaS and managed platform payroll solutions (cloud based hr and payroll) that automate and streamline payroll processing. We can help design a payroll solution for your business. Please visit our payroll solutions page, to learn more about our expertise, and our SAP ECC and SAP SuccessFactors payroll services.

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