Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays !

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As 2021 draws to a close the team here at Tambla like to take some time to reflect on our personal and corporate achievements for the year that has gone. We also look ahead at the goals we have set and, most importantly, we give our thanks for the support that you – our customers and partners – provide to us.

Looking back at the year that was, there are a few notable things that instantly spring to mind.

First is that in 2021, we welcomed more new customers than in any of the past few years – and we welcome them all to the Tambla family. New customers bring new ideas and can challenge traditional thinking – leading to new innovations that benefit all of our partners and customers.

To support this company growth, our team has expanded significantly through 2021 and this expansion brings new opportunities for personal growth. This year we have had more staff promoted and move into new roles internally than in any of my previous 5 years with the company – and its with a huge sense of pride that we watch our people develop and grow.

From a platform perspective, users of Tambla Payroll solutions have been reaping the benefits of our continued infrastructure investments. Feedback on improvements in performance being compared to the difference between a Bicycle and a Bugatti and payroll teams reporting that their processes cannot keep up with the system performance. Outstanding!

Companies using our workforce management solutions have embraced the innovations that Tambla has delivered this year, with TamblaOne and Tambla Insights both delivering modern and intelligent user experience and business value and accelerated benefit realisation.

But we are not done yet and we have plenty planned for 2022 – watch this space.

With such a busy year some of our team will be taking some well-earned time-off during the holiday season. Time to take advantage of the relaxing travel restrictions, to spend with family and loved ones and to recharge. Some of the team couldn’t wait and are already doing just that. They will return in plenty of time to ensure its business as usual for support and critical project work through the holiday period.

Once again, our thanks to you all and we wish you, your teams and your families a safe, happy and relaxing holiday.

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