Season’s Greetings



Season’s greetings to all of our valued customers and partners.

With 2020 almost in the rear-view mirror – we can take stock of of a year that has, at times, been both tumultuous and rewarding (and everything in-between).

While we can all agree it has been challenging, we thank you for the opportunity we have had to work with you through the year. Collaborating with clients and delivering their desired outcomes is always a highlight for us at Tambla and the pandemic has provided the opportunity for us to deliver some extremely creative solutions.

We are now firmly looking ahead and excited for the arrival of 2021. The team at Tambla have been busy this year working on some exciting new developments which we look forward to sharing with you in the new year.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, some of the team will be taking well-earned leave but many of us will work through to ensure its business as usual for support and critical project work and, as always, any issues can be raised with the Service desk in the usual way in line with your service agreements.

Once again, our thanks and we wish you all a very happy, safe and relaxing holiday.


The Tambla Team.





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