Tambla achieves accreditation under new SAP partnership framework.

Media Release

Earlier this year, SAP announced changes to the way that partners are categorised and recognised and Tambla is pleased to have achieved our first accreditation under the new framework. Across our media and website, you may notice changes to the SAP partner logos that we use.

The changes to SAP partner program have been designed to help customers identify partners with the right skills for their projects. They also help us, as partners, to improve how we differentiate our expertise and experience in driving customer success in the marketplace, SAP’s flagship partner program introduces the debut of the new Competency Framework,

The competency framework from SAP, is a major initiative and represents an overhaul of the old Gold, Silver and Bronze partner levels with a two-fold mission:

  • To help customers select the partner that best fits their digital transformation journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.
  • The framework evolves SAP’s recognition of its partner ecosystem expertise by categorising partners by the competency and specialisations they offer the market, giving customers transparency on the skills, expertise, and maturity of a partner’s SAP practice in delivering customer success.

Based on our own skills and experience, Tambla is now recognised as an Essential partner with a specialisation in Core HR and Payroll – reflecting our investments in people, skills, training and project delivery in this area.

SAP Partner Specialisations

Over the coming months we will be building on this foundation and adding new specializations and advancing our competency.

You can learn more over at the SAP website using the Partner Finder here or at Tambla’s own SAP Partner Profile here.

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