The security and privacy of employee data.


Organisations today realise the importance of workforce management (WFM) as a strategic mandate.

Many have already invested significant sums in the adoption of HR solutions that can streamline the process of collecting, storing and leveraging employee data for better WFM.

But when it comes to private employee data, how does your organisation ensure it remains confidential and secure?

Before you go gung-ho on employee data collection, it is important to first review existing company policies, and make sure they comply with the Australian Privacy Act.

Operational efficiencies must not override legal compliance.

It is also vital to have appropriate processes and measures in place to secure private information. Consider all data breach possibilities, with specific emphasis on how you store and secure digitised information that are prime targets for cyber criminals.

My advice is simple; be aware. Be aware of what employee data you have, how you collect it, how you store it, and how you protect it.

WFM is important. Legal data compliance is essential.

How does your organisation ensure employee data remains secure and private?

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