Workforce Management

No matter the size of your organisation, better management of employee-related schedules and costs is often the single most effective way to improve productivity and the bottom line.

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Tambla Workforce Management

Remove the complexity, time and errors of manually interpreting your workforce pay conditions and rules. Tambla is recognised as a market leader in the Award and Business Rule interpretation, and can provide real-time, accurately interpreted costs to enable you to make better informed business decisions.


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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Tambla’s innovative workforce management solutions ensure your staffing is optimised while compliance and governance requirements are covered. We help automate the manual processes of staff rosters, budgets, time sheet and payroll through an integrated suite of cloud products.

Tambla provides intelligent workforce solutions to organisations with large “shift-based” workforces. We provide these companies with the tools to ensure visibility, optimisation and compliance of their workforce globally and help to manage labour costs, reduce administration overload, enhance staff communication and improve workforce visibility, equity and safety.

Workforce Intelligence & Analytics

Workforce Intelligence & Analytics

Whether you choose to use our reporting interfaces to do your own reporting, utilise our dashboards and insights, or work with our Workforce Intelligence specialists to take advantage of our customisable reporting systems, we can provide you the actionable insights you need to make the right decisions in your business.


Workforce Management (WFM) covers all the activities necessary to ensure that effective companies and organisations have effective employees. Workforce Management is basically about allocating the right resources at the right time and for the right job. The company can thus ensure the most efficient way to meet the requirements for its work and activities and well-paid employees according to valid and collective agreements of the company.

A modern Workforce Management solution includes software, services and hardware for optimum support of the processes.

In many companies, Excel or pen / paper are still widespread tools when it comes to recording working hours and losses, calculating wages and planning an employee list. This saves time, increases the risk of errors and delays, and prevents the availability of data for analysis and reporting – and thus the ability to actively intervene in the event of discrepancies.

With a modern Workforce Management solution, a company can automate processes. This minimises the risk of errors and ensures compliance with laws and local working time agreements. In addition, real and up-to-date information on the use of the company’s time and resources helps strengthen the decision-making base and provides an immediate response to changes in needs or capacities.

With ever-increasing competition, many large companies and organisations raise concerns about increased productivity and efficiency through further digitisation of key administrative processes.

Workforce Management makes sense for companies who wish to:

  • Keep track of the employees’ time to get an overview of their working hours and payroll
  • Plan the work to have the right number of employees to meet the company’s needs
  • Predict the company’s needs so that they know how many employees and what skills they need in the short and long term
  • Monitor and analyse results to see if the company reaches its milestones (tasks/orders) and react quickly if it does not

Workforce Management can be applied to all parts of the company and will provide specific benefits for:

  • HR, payroll administration and Shared Service Centres who are responsible for correct calculation of payroll and reporting on sick leave
  • Middle managers with the operational responsibility for combining orders, resources and employees
  • CFOs and other top managers who need reports and KPI monitoring in real time
  • Employees on any type of collective or local agreement

Workforce Management can be used in most types of companies with a focus on reducing heavy, manual internal processes related to payroll and management of the workforce. It is widespread in the food and beverage industry, but with many advantages it can also be used in construction and construction and services, including the financial sector, and in logistics and transport.

With over three decades of experience in Workforce Management, our solutions are improving labour efficiency and reducing costs at more than 5000, sites around the world.

Tambla Workforce Management Solutions integrate with most modern HR, HCM and Payroll software solutions.  

Contact us to find out how we can help you to get the most out of your current HR technology stack without replacing everything.

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If you are already using SAP HXM or Payroll solutions, Tambla WFM is now available through the SAP store