Workforce Management

The single most effective way to improve productivity and your bottom line.

Tambla’s innovative workforce management solutions ensure your staffing is optimised while compliance and governance requirements are covered. We help automate the manual processes of staff rosters, budgets, time sheet and payroll through an integrated suite of cloud products.

A Partnership for Planning: The Benefits of Teaming Up with Tambla

Tambla’s Workforce Planning services excel in optimising workforce allocation, aligning with your organisation’s forecast demands and business rules. With real-time costing capabilities and the ability to transfer schedules effortlessly into the rostering module, we provide seamless and efficient planning. Some of the key benefits delivered includes as below.

Tambla excels in simplifying the complexity of workforce pay conditions and business rules, positioning itself as a market leader in award and business rule interpretation. Our platform provides real-time, accurately interpreted pay results, enabling better informed business decisions. 

Tambla not only reduces time and errors associated with manual interpretation but also enhances overall business efficiency.

Tambla’s innovative workforce management solutions focus on optimising staffing while ensuring compliance with regulatory and governance requirements. By automating manual processes like staff rosters, budgets, time sheets, and payroll through an integrated suite of cloud features, Tambla streamlines these critical functions. 

Our automation significantly reduces administrative workload and ensures that staffing levels are not only efficient but also compliant with relevant laws and policies.

For organisations with large, shift-based workforces, Tambla provides intelligent solutions that guarantee global visibility, optimisation, and compliance of their workforce. 

Our tools are designed to manage labor costs effectively, reduce administrative overload, and improve staff communication, equity, and safety. 

Tambla’s approach enhances the operational efficiency and employee satisfaction of shift-based work environments, which often face unique management challenges.

Tambla offers versatile reporting capabilities through user-friendly reporting dashboards  that provide valuable insights right when they are needed.

Our specialist business analysts are adept in providing reporting capabilities that, based on each organisation’s unique requirements, provide actionable insights.

This flexibility in reporting ensures that businesses of all sizes can tailor the data analysis to their specific needs, leading to more strategic and data-driven decision-making processes​​.


Your Definitive Guide to Workforce Management

Workforce and payroll compliance are critical topics that make headlines for all the wrong reasons for Australian companies failing to meet the mark. With continual updates to Australia’s Modern Awards, ensuring payroll compliance and accurate record-keeping is essential for every Australian business. 

Our eBook on the topic will detail how managing costs and compliance, acknowledging and addressing staff needs and entitlements boosts employee engagement, retention, and reduces turnover. We also outline how equipping your team with the right tools from Tambla can bring significant advantages to your business alongside peace of mind of avoiding nasty headlines.


Intelligent Rostering

Automate the scheduling process, ensuring optimal staff allocation based on skills, availability, and demand to enhance operational efficiency.

Time & Attendance

Accurately capture employee work hours, streamline payroll processes and reduce manual errors for improved compliance and efficiency.

Award Interpretation

Automatically interpret complex pay rules and awards, ensuring employees are paid correctly and reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Fatigue Management

Monitor employee work patterns to manage fatigue, ensuring safety and compliance reducing health risks and improving productivity.

Leave Management

Simplifiy the process of managing employee leave requests, balances, and accruals, ensuring accurate tracking and compliance with organisational policies.

Staff Self Service

Empower employees with access to their schedules, leave balances, and the ability to request shifts or leave, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Workforce Analytics

Provide detailed insights into workforce performance, labor costs, and compliance risks through real-time data and analytics, enabling informed decision-making.

Communication Tools

Facilitate effective communication between managers and employees, ensuring timely updates on schedules and shifts for enhanced collaboration.


Download our Workforce Management Datasheet

Discover the full potential of your workforce with Tambla’s comprehensive Workforce Management solution. Our detailed datasheet unveils how intelligent rostering, seamless time & attendance tracking, and automatic award interpretation can transform your operations. 

Gain insights into managing employee fatigue, leave, and engagement through our innovative platform. 

Elevate your workforce strategy today by downloading Tambla’s solution datasheet and take the first step towards operational excellence and compliance.

Ready to revolutionise your workforce management?

Let’s talk about how Tambla can tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs.With over three decades of experience in Workforce Management, our proven solutions are improving labour management efficiency and reducing costs at more than 5000 sites around the world.  Reach out to us for a personalised consultation and discover the difference our intelligent workforce management system can make for your organisation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intelligent workforce management?

Intelligent workforce management utilises advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimise scheduling, payroll, and compliance processes, ensuring efficient and effective staff allocation.

Tambla’s solutions are designed with the complexity of modern workforce needs in mind, offering comprehensive tools for scheduling, time tracking, and compliance, tailored for the Australian market.

Effective workforce management in Australia helps businesses comply with complex and evolving local labor laws, enhances operational efficiency, and improves employee satisfaction through fair and transparent practices.

A good workforce management company offers scalable, reliable solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, backed by expert support to navigate the complexities of labor compliance and scheduling.

Yes, WFM workforce management streamlines scheduling, ensures fair pay, and enhances communication, which can significantly improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Workforce management technology includes software for scheduling, time and attendance tracking, labor compliance, and analytics, all designed to optimise workforce efficiency.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from workforce management solutions, especially those with shift-based employees or complex scheduling needs.

Workforce management software is a tool or platform, while solutions encompass software, services, and support to address specific workforce management needs, including scheduling and compliance.

Workforce management scheduling involves using software to automate the process of assigning shifts, considering employee availability, skills, and labour laws to optimise staffing.