How Tambla Pay Compliance can help you to improve payroll governance

Simplify and automate the process of payroll validation in line with your employment obligations.

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Are you paying your staff correctly? Are you sure ? Would you like to automate the process of validation of your payroll? Then look no further! 

Tambla’s eBook “How Tambla can help you to improve payroll governance” is here to guide you through maintaining accurate payroll as you navigate the maze of employment obligations. 

Our expert guide is packed with crucial information on the importance of payroll compliance, payroll verification, and payroll validation. 

By leveraging our Pay Compliance solutions, you can ensure that your payroll is compared against an independent calculation and remain compliant – every pay period. Don’t let non-compliance become a costly mistake for your business. 

Download Tambla’s eBook today and take the first step towards improving governance of your payroll.

Built in Australia, Tambla’s Pay Compliance solution provides payroll teams with a much-needed suite of features to enable them to operate more efficiently and effectively and better manage within complex employment frameworks.No matter the number or type of awards or agreements you operate under, Tambla’s Pay Compliance platform can be a valuable addition to your governance, risk and compliance framework.

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The Complexity of Compliance


The Costs & Consequences of Non-Compliance


Introducing Tambla’s Payroll Compliance Solutions


Tools Designed for your Payroll Team


The Process of Payroll Comparison


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