Tambla Pay Comparison

Tambla Pay Comparison is a dedicated SaaS engine that uses your existing data to provide a comprehensive payroll compliance solution – automatically and without disrupting your pay process.

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How Tambla can help you to improve payroll governance

Find out more about our Payroll Compliance service and how it can complement your existing governance framework and better support your payroll team.

A payroll compliance solution - designed to help you meet your employment obligations.

Payroll comparison & calculation

Payroll Compliance

Take your existing schedules, timesheets and payroll details and automatically run them through our Pay Comparison engine every pay period.  

We model your data and give you access to an independent comparison against your actual – highlighting areas of concern instantly.

Accurate payroll

Automated Validation

Demonstrate confidence that your payroll is not only on time – but is accurate too.

Visual dashboard displays remove the need for time consuming, random spot checking, manual interpretation and reduce retrospective pay adjustments.

Automatic Integration

Full integration

Easily integrated to your existing data and applications – we have integrations and APIs that can use actual schedule or timesheet data from your current platforms.  We combine this and employee data and pay results from your payroll to populate Tambla Pay Comparison automatically, every pay period.


Tambla Pay Comparison Process View

Tambla Pay Comparison operates by receiving information from your current systems and processes this data through our Award and Rules Engine. The Engine calculates our independent pay results which are then modelled against your actual Payroll data to produce graphical dashboards with comparative results.

Payroll verification made easy!

BOOT testing & payroll compliance

Visual Insights

Our inbuilt Pay Comparison dashboards provide instant access to a full comparison against your actual results.

Drill down through layers of data in graphical dashboard visualisations to isolate areas of concern. 

Compliance solutions

Employment Obligations

Configured with the specific clauses of the  awards and agreements under which you operate, Tambla Pay Comparison helps to reduce the risk of underpayment through a suite of tools designed to provide visibility and validation of results.

Workforce Intelligence & Analytics

Reduce Under and Over payment

With Tambla you can quickly identify areas of concern and trends over time – arming your payroll team with the information they need to ensure accurate payroll – every pay cycle.

Now more than ever, companies need to consider how they are configuring, managing and governing payroll.

Is it time you started monitoring the results of your payroll process?.

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