Corporate Governance

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The following statements outlines the principal corporate governance practices and procedures that were in place throughout the financial year.

Corporate Governance Statement

Company Constitution

Board Charter

Significant Policies

Set out below are the following significant policies instigated and monitored by the board of directors under the terms of the above charter, share trading policy, continuous disclosure, shareholder communication, risk management, performance and evaluation of directors and executives, and remuneration of directors and executives.


Code of Conduct

Board members, executive management, and company officers are made aware of the requirements to follow corporate policies and procedures, to obey the law and to maintain appropriate standards of honesty and integrity at all times. In this regard, the directors have adopted a code of conduct for directors, senior executives, and employees.

More specifically, the code of conduct covers ethical operations, compliance with laws, dealings with customers and public officials, conflicts of interest, confidential and proprietary information and insider trading. The code of conduct underpins the formal charter and all policies of the company.

Code of Conduct Statement