Health & Aged Care

With budgets being more tightly controlled than ever, managing your healthcare workforce requires more insight than ever before.

Tambla solutions help our customers address the many demands associated with HXM, Workforce Optimisation and Payroll in a complex environment. 

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We understand the many challenges of managing a health & aged care workforce.

Tambla provide both comprehensive WFM and extensive Payroll solutions to the Health Industry.

Our WFM platforms are employed by hospitals, health boards and care organisations to optimise staffing requirements.

Our payroll solutions cater for employees working in singular roles or concurrently employed and ensure accurate, reliable payments.

With a proven track record of over 20 years in Health HCM and Payroll solutions, we can help with all your health industry needs.


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Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Health & Aged Care

Drive Efiicency

Drive Efficiency

Automating manual tasks and processes for administrators and enabling self-service across your workforce.

Payroll and WFM solutions that reduce time and cost across your business.



Better utilisation of your resources and budgets –  ensuring optimum coverage and accurate payroll results at all times.

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Our Employee Self Service options enable you to manage your distributed and on & off-site workforce effectively & efficiently.  Provide your staff with access to the information critical to their role – right in their hands. 

How our software can help your business?

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Centralised Administration

Whether dozens of staff in one store or thousands of staff in multiple stores, our solution provides you with the centralised administrative capability you need to run your business more efficiently.


Simple Scheduling & Rostering

Take the complexity out of allocating labour at the time of scheduling while enabling compliance with complex patient requirements, including client preferences and service history. Optimise the travel route between patient for Client & Field requirements. Simplify the time-consuming and complex task of staff scheduling and generating the optimum schedule every time.

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Time & Attendance

From biometric devices to mobile applications, tambla’ time collection options put an end to the laborious task of manually collecting and entering employee time sheet information. Our automated data collection provides real-time insight when needed.

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Volume Rostering

Optimise your employee rosters based on staff availability, occupancy rates, appointment numbers or other variables.

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Award Interpretation

From interpreting employee time sheets to costing rosters, our comprehensive award interpretation manages the most complex work rules.

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Tambla has extensive experience  providing reliable Payroll solutions and services to a range of private and public health organisations and hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

With more health care professionals on the move, visiting patients at home, in a hospital, or in an aged care facility, scheduling with both patient requirements and employee preferences taken into consideration can become complex.

Easy integration with your existing systems

Here at Tambla, we pride ourselves on our consultative approach to the provision of solutions that drive successful outcomes. We also recognise that whilst pivotal to success, our products are only part of your HRIS environment. With most enterprise HCM and payroll applications currently supported by the tambla community, over 90% of our customers have integration to one or more third party applications.

Allow our system integration consultants to help you to utilise our flexible API based integration points with your existing systems, automate manual processes and tasks while presenting insight into the data with visualisations and dashboards.

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With high numbers of remote or mobile staff, providing them with the right tools is critical to your business. Our mobile ready applications improve employee productivity. New, cancelled or changed appointments are automatically sent through to the employees’ mobile device, updating their schedule for the rest of the day. The solution also provides staff with the ability to access their schedules, accept & reject shifts, update availability and view & submit leave requests.

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Automated Payroll

Seamless integration into your existing payroll system or to our own payroll platform eliminates the need for manual intervention.

Tambla ensures that the correct hours are processed in accordance with EBAs, Industry Awards or other Employment Frameworks and the results transferred automatically to your payroll system. 

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Insights & Analytics

Our fully integrated reporting suite provides information when you need it.

Tambla Insights facilitates actionable insight into your current business operations – at all levels of the business. Presented in an easy to use, web based format – KPIs and critical information are presented to your staff when they need it.

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