Tambla enables Registered Clubs in Australia to plan their workforce requirements with ease.


Tambla WFM reduces payroll admin time and manual data entry by up to 50% and increases accuracy with intelligent automation


Providing reusable modelling, reducing administration and enabling self-service across your workforce


Intelligent roster modelling and insights can reduce a shift labour force wage bill by up to 10%


Ensuring accurate forecast of expenses through real-time cost calculation for staff and events

Workforce management

Tambla Workforce Management automates staff rosters, budgets, time sheets and payroll processes. Tambla has been providing workforce management solutions to the hospitality industry helping organisations like Clubs, Restaurants and Casinos to: manage their labour costs, improve customer service, reduce staff turnover, eliminate manual process, enhance staff communication and improve workforce visibility.

Our experience in implementing solutions for Registered Clubs, has given us insight into the often complex Agreements within the industry and we are able to deploy solutions quickly and effectively.

Scheduling & Rostering

Take the guess work out of estimating labour costs at the time of scheduling. Tambla simplifies the time-consuming and complex task of staff scheduling and generating the optimum schedule every time. Optimise staff allocation with the best mix of full-time, part-time and casual staff. Automate roster notification, improve late change management and accomodate Individual Flexibility Arrangements with Tambla Roster Choices.

Time & Attendance

From facial recognition and fingerprint biometric devices to mobile and tablet applications, tambla’s time collection options put an end to the laborious task of manually collecting and entering employee time sheet information. Our automated data collection provides real-time insight when needed in line with your security obligations.

Five questions Registered Clubs should be asking


Is your existing rostering solution in decline?

With many clubs still using legacy applications, meeting the requirements of Modern Awards and EBAs may well require costly or manual workarounds and could expose them to unnecessary risk.

Are you compliant?

Pay discrepancy problems in the hospitality industry are daily news. Award interpretation is tricky for payroll teams. It could be time to check and validate the provisions in your EBAs or the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010.

Are you struggling with a failed implementation?

You might need an evolving intelligent solution to improve the flow of information between your systems. Tambla’s open integration is flexible enough to integrate and deploy within your existing IT architecture, whatever payroll and HR system you are using.

Is there room for more intelligence in your roster scheduling and planning?

“Volume” or “Event” based rostering might be worth modelling as an alternative to “fixed” schedules. We can even teach you about the emerging move towards “progressive scheduling”.

Do you want to hear some success stories?

We can talk to you about the journey of other Registered Clubs and their transition away from a legacy product to best practice workforce management.

In an industry with high numbers of casual and part-time staff, 24 hours operations, and hundreds or thousands of staff to manage, we help ensure you are staffed appropriately at all times so you can consistently deliver high levels of service.

Our Expertise Your Peace Of Mind

Tambla is an innovative enterprise HR software company delivering intelligent workforce solutions for Registered Clubs in Australia. We have the tools proven to ensure workforce visibility, optimisation and compliance at your Club.

We know your vertical and industrial landscape because we are local. Being Australian made means Tambla customers enjoy full onshore development and support.


With high numbers of casual and temporary staff, accelerating on-boarding and engaging with your workforce is critical. Our mobile ready applications improve employee productivity, providing staff with the ability to access their schedules, accept & reject shifts, update availability, and view & submit leave requests.


Seamless integration into your existing payroll system eliminates the need for manual intervention and reduces human error. tambla WFM ensures that the correct hours are transferred to payroll accurately and your workforce is paid correctly and on time.


Quickly and easily monitor trends, control over time, compare budget to actual and improve planning & forecasting with our fully integrated reporting suite.