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Actionable insight at your fingertips - drive real business value from your WFM data

Immediately identify trends and patterns

Immediately identify trends and patterns

Easy to use, dashboard approach to presentation of critical business intelligence – where and when it is needed to facilitate operational decisions.

Real-time insight into your business

Real-time insight into your business

Tambla Insights real-time view of data proivdes opportunities for both out of the box and customised views of operational data enabling analysis of operational performance across key areas of your workforce planning initiatives.

Full Integration

Empower your staff

Tambla Insights facilitates actionable insight into your current business operations – at all levels of the business. Presented in an easy to use, web based format – KPIs and critical information are presented to your staff when they need it.

Tambla Insights can provide analysis of your data at your fingertips in easy to understand, interactive dashboards

Optimise your workforce planning

Employee Engagement Role Based Analytics

Ensure staff at all levels of your organisation have timely access to the information they need – where and when they need it. Web based dashboards provide executives, operational managers and leaders across your business with information tailored to their role – providing WFM analytics for key areas like Overtime, Absence and leave Budget Compliance, Skills shortages and Scheduling.

Improving the Cost-to-Serve Dynamic

Actionable Insight

Define the metrics that are critical to your business and present them in a way that is both simple to display and easy to interpret. Replace your reliance on distributed reports that provide no clear call to action with interactive visualisations that get right to the heart of problems and enable action to be taken to avoid unnecessary expense, risk or compliance issues.

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Integrate Operational Data

Whether you start with out-of-the-box common dashboards or opt for more highly configured analytics displays, integrating data from external sources provides insight into your workforce data in line with other operational measures. For example, understanding the relationship between your schedule and your visitors or customers, measuring your budget against actual revenue numbers, or applying weight to critical areas such as absence skills can help to provide both cause and effect.

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