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Empower your data to deliver the business insights you need.

Discover the power of Tambla Insights, your solution for real-time, actionable workforce management intelligence. Our intuitive dashboard reveals critical trends and patterns, empowering decision-making at every business level.

With Tambla Insights, key insights are just a click away, revolutionising your approach to workforce analytics.

Unlock the business-changing benefits of Tambla Insights that enhance organisational efficiency and decision-making through sophisticated, user-friendly, and actionable analytics

Gain Timely Access to Critical Information

Tambla Insights ensures that staff at all organisational levels have prompt access to essential information. Web-based dashboards tailor data presentation to the specific roles of executives, operational managers, and leaders, covering key workforce management (WFM) analytics areas such as overtime, absence, budget compliance, skills shortages, and scheduling.

Actionable Insight for Operational Excellence

Tambla Insights allows businesses to define and present critical metrics in a simple and interpretable format. This replaces the need for distributed reports with interactive visualisations that directly address core issues, enabling prompt action to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

Integration of Operational Data

Tambla Insights offers flexibility in data integration, whether using standard dashboards or customised analytics displays. It integrates external data sources to provide insights aligned with other operational measures, aiding in understanding the relationships between schedules, visitors, revenue numbers, and other critical areas​.

Real-Time Insight into Business Operations

The service provides a real-time view of data, offering both standard and customised views of operational data. This enables a thorough analysis of operational performance across key areas of workforce planning initiatives, aiding in strategic decision-making.


Becoming an insights driven organisation through Workforce Analytics

People are an organisation’s single most expensive and complicated asset. The data derived from an organisation’s workforce is an essential resource that needs to be tapped for insights into employee-related issues and predicting future business performance.

Our eBook on the topic gives you all the background and forward-thinking considerations you need to transform your organisation into an analytically driven workforce.


Tambla Workforce Analytic’s Features


Seamlessly integrate multiple data sources for comprehensive workforce analytics, enhancing decision-making processes to propel your business forward.


Our solution offers dynamic, real-time analytics, enabling immediate response to workforce trends and operational demands to keep management on the business’ pulse.

Customisable Dashboards

Workforce Analytics features highly configurable dashboards tailored to specific business needs, ensuring relevant data visualisation.


Automate complex reporting tasks, providing timely, accurate workforce insights for strategic planning that ensure management is always on the same page with operations.


Utilising advanced algorithms for predictive modeling, unlock the capabilities to accurately forecast workforce requirements and trends.

Compliance Monitoring

Confidently ensures regulatory compliance remains at the forefront of your business by monitoring workforce data against established norms and standards.


Delivers tailored analytics based on user roles, ensuring data relevance and security that only presents the right data to the right people, at the right time.

User-Friendly Interface

Tambla Analytics is designed with a focus on usability, offering intuitive navigation and interpretation of complex data sets that are easily digestible.


Download our Workforce Analytics Datasheet

Elevate your workforce management with Tambla’s Workforce Analytics solution. Unlock a detailed, compliant view of your team’s performance through our informative datasheet. 

Tambla offers robust, business-driven insights, allowing you to visualise and monitor team activities from overarching enterprise levels to individual tasks. This essential guide provides a deep dive into how Workforce Analytics can transform your staffing analysis and ensure consistent, reliable metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workforce Analytics?

Workforce Analytics involves using data analysis techniques to understand, improve, and optimise the workforce performance within an organisation.

It provides HR metrics and workforce analytics that offer insights into employee performance, helping to make informed HR decisions.

Key features include real-time data visualisation, trend analysis, and customisable metrics, enhancing strategic workforce planning.

Yes, workforce analytics software like Tambla Insights can seamlessly integrate with existing HR and payroll systems, providing comprehensive analytics.

Tambla Insights transforms workforce data into actionable insights, assisting in better workforce planning and decision-making.

Tambla’s solutions, such as Workforce Analytics, are designed to integrate with various platforms, including SAP SuccessFactors, for enhanced data analysis.

Tambla’s approach uniquely combines advanced data analytics with user-friendly interfaces, providing deep insights while ensuring ease of use.

By using sophisticated algorithms and continuous data validation, Tambla’s workforce analytics software ensures high accuracy and reliability in data analysis.