Award Interpretation

Automated, accurate, compliant

Discover the efficiency of Tambla’s Award Interpretation Software, meticulously designed to manage the complexities of modern employment frameworks. Experience unparalleled accuracy in payroll calculations and compliance tailored for the diverse demands of Australian businesses and beyond.

Empowering payroll with precision and ease

Accurate Payroll Automation

Our software goes beyond simple payroll calculations, offering a sophisticated solution that comprehensively understands and applies the intricacies of multiple Awards or EBAs. It ensures absolute compliance with employment laws, minimises the risk of errors, and automatically accommodates diverse allowances, penalties, and accruals. This feature not only streamlines payroll processes but also guarantees that every payment is precise, fair, and legally compliant.

Real-time Costing

Stay ahead of your budget with our real-time costing feature. It dynamically calculates and updates costs as schedules, rosters, and timesheets change, providing immediate financial insights. This empowers you to make informed budgetary decisions at the location, regional, or business unit level. The agility offered by real-time data ensures that you can adapt to changing financial circumstances swiftly, maintaining control over your workforce expenditures.

Seamless Integration

Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of HR and Payroll platforms, thanks to its open APIs. This integration capability means you can connect our system with your existing applications effortlessly, reducing the need for redundant data entry. It facilitates automatic employee imports and payroll exports, enhancing data integrity and accuracy. This integration not only saves time but also ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow across your HR and payroll systems.

Payroll Compliance

With a comprehensive suite of tools for better-off-overall testing (BOOT), Individual Flexibility Arrangements, and compliance-based Pay Comparison, Tambla can significantly streamline your payroll auditing processes.

We help you ensure accurate and compliant employee payments while eliminating the need for manual auditing tasks.

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Case Study

Starwood Hotels

Leading hotel group Starwood Hotels operates ten properties and employs more than 2,000 staff around Australia.

Discover how Starwood Hotels revolutionised its  workforce management across ten Australian properties with Tambla’s Award Interpretation solution, achieving real-time staffing adaptability, enhanced payroll accuracy, and significant administrative cost reductions.



Tambla Award Interpretation

Designed and refined in Australia over two decades to handle some of the world’s most complex employment obligations, our software and experienced team truly offer the next level in accurate, automated payroll solutions.

Dive deeper into the capabilities of Tambla’s Award Interpretation software. Our detailed datasheet provides an in-depth look at how our solution simplifies compliance, enhances accuracy, and integrates seamlessly with your systems.


Connect with our Award Interpretation experts today

Confused about navigating complex payroll and award interpretation requirements? Tambla is here to help. With our sophisticated Award Interpretation solutions, we bring clarity and ease to your payroll processes, ensuring they’re accurate, compliant, and streamlined. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in customising a solution that fits your unique needs. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your award interpretation and payroll management, setting you on the path to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are award interpretation solutions?

Award interpretation solutions, like Tambla’s software, are designed to automate and simplify the process of applying the rules of modern awards and EBAs to payroll calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Our software streamlines award payroll calculation, saving time and reducing errors. It ensures compliance with complex employment laws, making payroll management more efficient and reliable.

No.  Tambla Award Interpretation can be implemented and fully integrated into your existing HR and Payroll systems – reducing risk and cost. 


Absolutely. Our award interpretation software is equipped to manage a variety of modern awards, accommodating the diverse and complex needs of different employment frameworks.

Tambla’s approach integrates award time calculations with attendance data, ensuring payroll is not only compliant but also reflects the actual working hours and conditions of employees, offering a comprehensive workforce management solution.

Yes, our software is designed to adapt to changes in award conditions, maintaining compliance and accuracy over time.

Tambla’s award interpretation software meticulously follows Fair Work regulations, ensuring that your payroll calculations are compliant with current laws. It automatically applies relevant provisions of modern awards and EBAs to every payroll process, safeguarding your business against non-compliance risks.

By leveraging advanced algorithms and continuously updated rules, Tambla’s award payroll calculation software minimises human errors and ensures accuracy. It automatically considers various factors like overtime, penalty rates, and allowances specific to different awards, providing precision that manual processes can’t match.