Award Interpretation

Designed in Australia to handle some of the most complex employment frameworks in the world, Tambla’s Award Interpretation provides accurate calculation and payment against all of your Modern Award or EBAs.

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Accurate, automated costing and payroll

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Accurate Payroll

Automate payroll calculation based on any number of Awards or EBAs under which your business operates. Ensure compliance, reduce risk and accommodate all of your allowances, penalties and accruals automatically.

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Real-time Costing

With schedules, rosters and time-sheets calculated and costed in real-time, you can proactively manage your budget by location, region or business unit

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Integration with Payroll

Tambla’s open APIs support a multitude of integrations with all of the more common HR and Payroll platforms. You are able to implement automated integration to your existing applications to ensure data entry is completed once rather than duplicating effort. Automatic employee imports and payroll exports ensure data integrity and accuracy at all times.

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Individual Flexibility Arrangements

With Tambla’s inbuilt Roster Choices you can automate the collection of employee choices and ensure rosters and payment comply with employee choices – without the need for time consuming configuration and paperwork.
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BOOT and Pay Comparison

Review employees Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) conditions and compare detailed results under different awards to ensure compliance with Fairwork requirements

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Compliance & Traceability

Every change to both the configuration of your Award Interpretation and associated rules is recorded and audited – providing you with full visibility into who made changes and when they were made. Take the guesswork out of the process and eliminate the need for investigation.

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Fully Automated

Once configured and the results validated , the Tambla Pay, Compliance, Rules and Award Interpretation are designed to be ‘set and forget’ and run automatically in the background – in real-time. Changes are only required when Awards or EBAs are reviewed and conditions are altered. Business as usual processes like payroll exports are automated to run at the end of each period – leaving your staff free to handle the more valuable management tasks.
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Schedule Validation & Costing

Ensure schedules are created in line with the criteria of your employment frameworks. Scheduling rules, business rules and work rules are configured and automatically used to validate each and every change to a schedule to ensure compliance with the business requirements. Costs are adjusted in real-time without the need to use time consuming re-costing processes, ensuring your staff have visibility where and when it is needed.
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Accurate, Compliant Award Interpretation

Tambla’s Award Interpretation engine has been continually developed over 2 decades and continually enhanced to accommodate employment regulations in Australia and around the world. We provide you with the flexibility to operate any number of Modern Awards, Enterprise agreements or Labour standards that relate to your employment frameworks. Compliant with Fairwork, we ensure your payroll calculations are accurate no matter what mix of casual, part-time, full-time or contract staff you employ.

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