Earned Wage Access

Providing your employees with the freedom and autonomy to access their earned wages can increase productivity and wellbeing.

Whether it’s a school or university payment, a medical emergency or employees simply want to pay down credit card bills to avoid late fees and interest charges, there are and will be times, when bills cannot wait until payday.   

Your staff will thank you for providing earned wage access.


Earned Wage Access from Tambla

Tambla has partnered with Paytime to provide earned wage access to our clients.  Paytime is an established provider with a great track record.  Their on-demand pay solution gives employees the flexibility to access a portion of their earned wages between pay cycles, helping your team members to manage unexpected expenses and emergencies without resorting to high-interest loans. 

For just a couple of dollars a month per employee, with on-demand pay as an employee benefit, employers provide greater financial wellness support for their teams, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Paytime explain more in this video:

Life events do not wait for payday - neither should your employees


Track and Pay

Real-time tracking of earnings provides employees with instant access to a portion of earned wages.



Easy set and forget savings program to assist employees achieve their financial goals.



Employees can save from 5% to 40% from 2000+ retailers with no minimum spend commitments.

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A variety of budgeting tools to assist employees manage their finances and avoid going into debt.



Resources, initiatives and access to help line and counsellors to improve financial and mental wellbeing.

Paytime Earned Wage Access from Tambla provides more than just early access to accrued pay, supporting staff with tools and resources to help them to take control of their financial wellbeing.  The app includes over 40 resources covering money management, healthy eating, exercise, workplace anxiety/ stress, and more. Employees can access savings and budgeting tools that help them manage or avoid financial stress and reducing the debt trap of payday loans, overdraft and credit card interest.


Deliver on-demand pay without changing your payroll processes

When an employee takes money out of their earned pay, paytime does all the hard work; sending the money to the employee (using their own funds, so there is no impact on your cashflow or payroll process) and automatically logging the withdrawal & fees in your payroll system.


When payday comes, your employees receive their wages with any withdrawals and fees shown as deductions. So all you have to do is simply run payroll as you usually would and we take care of the rest.

Paytime App

Realistic controls - Real Benefits

Employees are able to access up to 50% of their earned wages based on approved timesheets.  You can configure the limits and guardrails to control frequency and amounts that are available to access.

Our process and integrations ensure there is no additional administration effort required from your payroll team.  

Fill shifts with ease and reduce the need for advance pay while empowering employees to better manage their budget and reduce financial stress.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access is a service that enables workers to access a designated portion of their earned wages on an on-demand basis, as opposed to having to wait 2-4 weeks for their regular payday.

It may also be referred to as Early Wage Access, On-Demand Pay, or Wage Streaming.

Simply – no.  Earned Wage Access is not a loan and is simply advancing earned wages to your employees before their regular pay day. Employees can only withdraw their ‘earned’ or accrued wages based on the number of hours they have actually worked and the wages that have been accrued.

There is no inherent risk with making Earned Wage Access available to your employees.  Offering EWA will not damage your brand or employee performance and will not impact your current business processes.  Integration to key systems is completed to ensure the entire process is fully automated.

On the up-side, by providing on-demand access to your employees’ wages, it has been proven to improve productivity, reduce turnover/absenteeism, and increase your staff morale. 

Integration is extremely easy and completed quickly. 

Our partner, Paytime, provide a SaaS platform that is easily integrated with your ERP, Payroll, and Timekeeping systems utilising an Application Programming Interface (API). It requires minimal involvement from your business.

Using Earned Wage Access from our partner Paytime does not have any tax implication as the withdrawals requested by your employees are done on a net taxes and deduction basis.

There is no cost to the employee.  Unlike other platforms that have a licence cost and a transaction charge – we keep it simple.  For less than the price of a coffee, the company provides the service to employees with no hidden charges.