Workforce Planning

Understand, forecast and optimise your future workforce requirements


Utilising our advanced optimisation algorithms, and graphical visualisations, our Workforce Planning module allows you to forecast future workforce schedules that are optimised against a variety of metrics including compliance and cost. We can take into consideration a number of workforce demand generators including projected sales, enrolments, or customer numbers.


Our Workforce Planning Module allows you to easily create and test "What-if" scenarios to help you better understand how you can achieve the optimised workforce you require. Manipulating variables such as, percentage of full time, part time or casual workers or schedule overtime will allow you to create your ideal workforce.


We understand in some organisations that workforce planning may not be a daily task or even weekly task. Our experienced team can provide you a variety of services to ensure you are getting the most out of your workforce planning module.

Seamless integration with your workforce related Business Rules

At the core of all Tambla Intelligent Workforce Solutions is the seamless integration with our market leading Business Rule engines. It is only by thoroughly understanding the costs and rules associated with your various Awards, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, or other Workplace Agreements can we truly provide you with the intelligent, optimised solutions you require.

Demand Generation Modelling

Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand and model the potential generators of workforce demand that will influence your future workforce requirements. Considered elements may include for example:

  • projected sales forecasts
  • projected customer numbers
  • forecast enrolments
  • changing coverage ratios
  • forecast increases in capacity
Seamless Integration to Tambla Rostering

Once you have found your preferred workforce schedule, it is as simple as "clicking a button" to transfer the selected workforce schedule into Tambla's rostering module to allocate staff and create your new roster.

We understand that forecasting can be influenced by many different demand factors– our tools help you create scenarios based on your expectations that will optimise your future workforce requirements.