Tambla Solutions for the People, Culture & HR teams

Make the move from transactional HR processes and deliver your business and employees a more complete end-to-end experience that improves organisational performance and efficiency.

Streamline Processes

Automate and streamline core HR processes with a fully integrated suite of applications.  Increase productivity with employee self-service and manage compliance proactively.

Talent Management

Elegant and engaging solutions for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation, succession planning and learning & development

Workforce Planning & HR Analytics

Empower your teams with actionable data driven insights every step of the journey.  Powerful software for advanced planning through to daily management – designed to improve performance

Automate Core HR Processes

Drive Efficiency Across Your Business

Flexible HRIS software solutions


Core HR & Payroll

Tambla solutions for Core HR & Payroll help companies to maintain compliance with business rules and legislation while streamlining core processes and improving productivity.

Manage HR Challenges

Proactively manage day to day and ad-hoc HR challenges with ease.  From immediate over / understaffing issues through to long term skills shortfalls – data-driven actionable insights focus your HR team’s attention where it is required most

Self-Service Applications

Intuitive self-service applications for staff at all levels help maintain compliance while improving engagement & efficiency, increasing productivity, driving cultural change and promoting loyalty.

Integrated Applications

Integrated applications that automate the flow of data remove the need for problematic integrations and seamlessly move processes forward – allocating tasks as required and reducing delays and errors.

Modern Solutions

Modern solutions backed up with a full range of services to meet your specific requirements – From Payroll outsourcing to a fully managed service – Tambla can help you drive the right HR outcomes

Strategic Talent Management

Attract, Develop, Retain & Manage People

Hire and guide the best candidates and optimize your workforce


Tools & Applications

We provide tools and applications to support current and future employees at all levels of your business.  Integrated solutions for Workforce Management and Planning, Learning, Benefits Management, Performance Management, Succession & Development

Paper-Less Processes

Provide your candidates and employees with engaging, paper-less processes that improve their experience while providing you with the administrative insights and monitoring tools necessary for oversight and improvement

Full support of all employee movements

Full support of all employee movements – Onboarding, Crossboarding and Offboarding and other internal transitions can be streamlined with efficiency – reducing manual intervention and driving more successful outcomes

Improve The Efficiency And Productivity

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and inspire performance with forward looking Performance Management.  Align your business strategy and goals with a performance management mix that works

Workforce Planning & HR Analytics

Faster, Data-Informed Decisions

Workforce Planning with intelligence


Strategic Planning

Strategic workforce planning, operational headcount planning and intra-day workforce planning tools that help you to design and manage a workforce that meets the business strategy

AI Driven Insights

Smarter, faster decisions are enabled with AI driven insights throughout the process.  Analyse data from across the organisation quickly and easily with visual, interactive self-service analytics

Planning & Simulation

Planning & Simulation capabilities facilitate what-if analysis and allow you to explore alternative courses of action and compare the impact of potential decisions

Data From Multiple Sources

Integrate data from multiple sources to help answer key questions about your workforce and uncover opportunities and risks

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