Ports & Stevedoring

Delays are expensive and customers are demanding, so getting cargo to where it needs to be, on schedule, is critical to your business.

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We understand the challenges of managing Ports & Stevedoring, Tambla can help you with:



Mobile ready applications, improving employee engagement and data accuracy.

Drive Efiicency

Drive Efficiency

Automating manual tasks for administrators and enabling self-service across your workforce.

Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety

Easily accessible tools enabling all workers to record incidents, hazards and risks.

How our software can help your business?

Ports & Stevedoring Solutions

Operational Labour Planning

Operational Labour Planning

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Labour Dispatch & Allocation

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance/ Timesheet Management

Employee Leave Management

Employee Leave Management

With the drop in demand for services coupled with the increase of supply, making your business profitable may well come down to how you manage your workforce.

Easy integration with your existing systems

Here at Tambla, we pride ourselves on our consultative approach to the provision of solutions that drive successful outcomes. We also recognise that whilst pivotal to success, our products are only part of your HRIS environment. With most enterprise HCM and payroll applications currently supported by the tambla community, over 90% of our customers have integration to one or more third party applications.

Allow our system integration consultants to help you to utilise our flexible API based integration points with your existing systems, automate manual processes and tasks while presenting insight into the data with visualisations and dashboards.

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Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Ports & Stevedoring



Engaging with your workforce is critical. Our mobile ready applications improve employee engagement and productivity – providing staff with the ability to access their schedules, accept & reject shifts, update availability and view & submit leave requests.

BOOT, IFA and Pay Comparison

Payroll Integration

Seamless integration into your existing payroll system eliminates the need for manual intervention and reduces human error. tambla WFM ensures that the correct hours are transferred to payroll accurately and your workforce is paid correctly and on time.

data security


Tambla WHS lowers the overall risk within your workforce and can help ensure the safety of your workforce. It provides you with an auditable account documenting the procedures used and the results of the identification, notification, analysis and mitigation process.

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