Tambla Solutions for Employees

Engaging, self-service apps that can increase adoption and improve productivity across the workforce.  

Provide each and every employee with the information they need to meet and exceed expectations of their role.

Employee Engagement

Simplify frequent administrative tasks with intuitive, easy to use apps.  Remove manual effort and streamline  your HRIS processes for your staff.

Digital First Approach

Move beyond paper based request processes and legacy internet portals and provide your employees with a personalized, intuitive solution that drives productivity.

Access to Information

Everything your employees need  – right at their fingertips.  Empower your staff with timely and relevant insights and notifications.

Engage With Your Workforce

Enhance the Employee Experience

Increase productivity across your business

Self-Service Applications

Deploy intuitive self service applications for your employees – whether it be preference-based or self scheduling, shift swapping or performance management and development.  If they are engaged in the process, they are more likely to invest in the brand

Employee Experience

Drive job satisfaction, reduce anxiety and stress and minimise employee queries for common issues.  Tambla focus on the employee experience the help improve retention and engage the workforce

Simple And Centralised Access

Design a personalized and unified experiences across multiple touchpoints. Provide simple and centralised access to detail from any of; schedules, rosters, HR administrative tasks, payslips and summaries, learning, career progression and performance management

Gather Information

Gather information on preferences, availability, goals and future plans.  Interact in-line with their expectations and understand better how to develop your staff and reduce attrition in the workforce.

Actionable Insights

At every level of the organisation

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions that provide insights, notifications and processes in seamless, user-friendly applications.  Empower people with the information they need,  based on their role – at anytime.

Data Visualisations

From senior management to casual staff – your employees need information to be available around the clock.  Data visualisations resonate with users in apps that feel natural and familiar.  Our user centric design principles focus on each user’s role and ensure they see what they need – right when they need it

Intelligent Graphical Displays

We enable your staff to quickly distinguish the important from the urgent.  Intelligent graphical displays quickly highlight areas that require attention and apply consistentt processes behind the scenes to maintain compliance

Manage Costs

Integrate operational data and help people manage costs and budgets proactively.

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Every client has unique needs. Working together we’ll find the right solution to achieve your goals — and fit your budget.