Tambla Solutions for the Marketing team

Attracting and retaining the best talent is more than just an HR process and having them become advocates is important.

Tambla intelligent workforce solutions can also have a positive impact on your brand.

Attract & Retain Talent

Manage the full talent lifecycle – from hiring the best candidates through optimising individual performance and developing succession plans 

Employer of Choice

Proactively manage recruitment, retention and recognition strategies that can positively impact organisational culture, individual satisfaction and brand advocacy

Marketable Equity

Deliver engaging experiences throughout the employee lifecycle and turn your workforce into life-long brand advocates

Attract & Retain Talent

Candidate & Employee Engagement

Best-in-class experience


Best In-Class Experience

Whether nurturing passive candidates, managing current candidates or engaging your existing employees, Tambla can help to deliver a best in-class experience can help to set you aside from the competition

Automate Tasks

Automate and simplify the low value tasks to ensure your candidates and employees get the attention they need while removing stress from the process. 

Favorable Talent Management Experience

Provide a favorable talent management experience that reflects your companies desired cultural position and brand.  Throughout the employee lifecycle there are significant opportunities to deliver an engaging experience.

Attract And Retain The Talent

Attract and retain the talent your workforce needs to drive workplace transformation and long-term success.

Marketable Equity

Processes That Reflect Your Brand


Candidate Friendly Employer Brand

Tambla can help you to develop a candidate friendly employer brand backed by intelligent, results-based practices that continually exceed expectations and engage your current and future employees.

Modern Approach

A modern approach to hiring, retention, development and performance can create a strong bond with your candidates and employees – and give you an edge in a competitive market

Self-Service Applications

Deploy intuitive self service applications for your existing employees – whether it be preference-based or self scheduling, shift swapping or performance management and development.  If they are engaged in the process, they are more likely to invest in the brand

Seamless Processes

Treat your candidates and employees as if they are customers and  embrace technology.  Ensure the processes are seamless, simple and intuitive – provide continual feedback and insight and engage people every step of the way.

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