Tambla Solutions for the Operations team

Provide access to the information your team needs – right when they need it.  Tambla provides a suite of intuitive applications that ensure your operations team are able to make informed decisions based on real-time, actionable data.

Business Performance

Forecast demand, optimize the process and automate manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.  Tambla Solutions drive efficiency in your people centric processes.

Planning & Optimisation

Plan for the future today – gain insights into future  situations in your workforce.  Plan long term, short term and manage intra-day performance and optimisation through a suite of elegant applications.

Maintain Compliance

Automate adherence to complex business rules and ensure you remain compliant at every step of the Workforce Planning journey

Improve Visibility and Drive Efficiency

Data Driven Decision Making

Providing oversight and insight


Keep optimised

Ensure that your future workforce is optimized against the forecasted demands and business rules of your organisation

Tools they need

Provide your staff with the tools they need to manage daily operations efficiently and effectively with access to critical and real-time information when and where it is required

Integration through API

Intelligent workforce solutions that use inbuilt capability to automate manual processes and keep your operations team focused on growing the business and managing performance

Real-time data

With real-time data across the suite, managing budgets and controlling costs within teams, departments, locations and cost-centres and making the right business decisions has never been easier

Optimise Your Workforce

Remove complexity, time and errors

Right people, right place, right time… at the right cost

General Overview

Advanced Optimisation Algorithms

Our advanced optimisation algorithms and graphical visualizations allow you to create optimized schedules and rosters and manage your workforce planning against the metrics and KPIs that are important to you and your business

Automate the manual processes

Automate the manual processes associated with scheduling & rostering and intra-day management of your workforce.  Utilise configurable workflow and automation capabilities reduce errors and maintain compliance

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration between Tambla and third-party applications reduce touch points at everystep of the employee lifecycle – automate data from On-boarding, HR, WFM and Payroll drive efficiencies in your workforce management processes


Empower employees with a modern suite of self-service apps and portals that support your business objectives

Maintain Compliance

Reduce Risk, Errors and Enquiries

Manage Cost & Compliance


Automatic Adherence

Manage your workforce with automatic adherence to any number of business rules, employment frameworks, industrial instruments, industry awards, enterprise agreements and individual contracts.

Compliant In Real-Time

Ensure late changes and other intra-day management tasks are compliant in real-time.  No need for re-scheduling or re-costing, changes can be made at the touch of a button based on automatic recomendations

Access Real-Time Roster

Provide individual employees and managers with access real-time roster costing and earning potential relevant to their role.  

Fatigue Management

Manage fatigue with a scientifically developed and proven methodology to score fatigue in your workplace with a quantifiable, audited record of fatigue scores.

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