Meeting the complex, dynamic and flexible requirements of Aviation Operations to support the Workforce whilst balancing this with Customer Service and Demand from Flights and Passenger flows.

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We understand the challenges of managing a workforce in ground-based aviation operations.

With demand based over multiple qualifications / competences and varying service levels by Flight, Passenger, Service, Cargo, every hour of the day and every day of the week is different. Aligning this to your Staffing profile in an automated and optimised way, and adhering to your Employee Agreements, allows for Service to be optimised in the best possible way, with the minimum of input from your experienced Managers and Planners.

The Tambla Aviation Solutions help our customers globally address the unique demands associated with the industry.

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Intelligent Workforce Solutions for Aviation

Scenario Planning

Ground Handling

Supporting Ramp, Passenger Services, Load Control, Cargo, Cleaning, and Fuelling Operations with their Workforce Management needs spanning Planning, Rostering, Day of Operations Management and T&A – based on Flight Schedules, Engagement Standards, Queueing Profiles and Staffing Requirements



Supporting Airports and Security Companies across Airline, Airport and Campus operations, whether driven by Flights, Passenger Flows, Physical or Remote Guarding requirements and incidents.


Customer Service

Supporting Service organisations deliver Customer / Passenger services, whether for Passengers requiring Additional Assistance and Support, Passenger Information / Facilitation, Non-Aeronautical or Facilities Services.


Manpower Planning

Transparent Planning based on your Workload Drivers such as Flight Schedules and Engagement Standards, Passenger and Queue Targets, Service Level Agreements, and Static Requirements.


Scheduling & Rostering

Automated and Optimised Scheduling against your Demand, matching Employees Competencies, Scheduling Parameters, Operational Constraints, and Employee Availability / Preferences.


Workforce Management

Allowing your Planners and Administrators to make updates to the Roster as things change leading up to the Day of Operation (Demand Changes, Absence, Sickness, Overtime, Shift Trades, etc)


Real-time Operations

Supporting the Management of the Workforce on the Day of Operation in Real Time, including Attendance Updates, Break Management and Allocation & Dispatch.


What-If Analysis

Enabling your Planners to assess the impact of changes in Demand, Staffing, Infrastructure and Strategy to ensure decision making is effective, transparent, and the impacts fully are understood.


Employee Self Service

Allowing Employees to manage their time via the Self Service Web Portal to view their Schedule, make Requests, Trade Shifts, etc. Provides visibility and ownership to the Employee within the agreed rules and reduces the administrative burden on Planners / Managers


Time & Attendance and Payroll

Electronic and Manual Time Capture to support Attendance Management, Plan to Actual Comparison, Shift Sign Off and Payroll Approvals.


Talent Management

Using Demand, Scheduling and Employee data from the WFM Process to help identify Staffing Needs, Training Needs, and supporting Trend Analysis


Workforce Compliance

Managing Employees Communications and Briefings, Tracking Incidents, Monitoring SOP Compliance and Follow Up

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