Hays Australia, part of the $2.3 billion UK listed Hays plc, has recently completed the deployment of the Tambla Award interpretation costing engine software across its entire Australian and New Zealand business operations.

Processing up to 15,000 time-sheets per week, Hays required a robust award interpretation software solution, capable of integrating into an existing HR environment, which would include billing, payroll, timesheets and business analytics.

Operating in the highly competitive labour hire industry and paying over 15,000 employees covered by over 200 individual awards, the company’s existing solution had become unworkable due to excessive ongoing modifications and subsequent manual workarounds and shrinking internal system IP to support and innovate the old system.

At the same time, it was unable to support the ongoing growth and evolution of the underlying business.

Phil Allen, Hays Finance Director for Asia Pacific, Hays, outlined the business requirements for the new solution: “We needed a reliable, flexible, configurable system which would enable us to rapidly establish new awards, bill clients and pay contractors on time and in line with their award.  At the same time, we were looking for an automated solution that was best of breed, could be configured and integrated seamlessly into our enterprise architecture.”

Tambla workforce management software (WFM) was selected as the solution which would best fit these requirements.  However, the challenge lay in the way in which the Tambla module would be deployed. Typically award interpretation forms a part of an entire WFM suite, however, the Tambla development team were able to de-couple the award interpretation engine from their solution and integrate this into the existing Hays environment.

Now fully deployed, the new solution delivers a seamless integration into the Hays payroll system and timesheet collection modules. More importantly, Hays has been able to reduce overpayment and interpretation errors.

Hays indicates that the payback on investment will have been recovered in a matter of months, and will allow the business to re-deploy a number of internal resources.  “Tambla integrates with our internal existing time sheeting, payroll, and billing engines with the result being that  we can process workers’ time quickly and efficiently,” said Allen. “We are already looking at further opportunities to improve our business processes, utilising other available Tambla modules.”

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