Secure Employment Income Verifications for your Employees

The threat posed by cybercriminals wanting to access sensitive data is always increasing and the need to secure our employees’ privacy and data and adhere to legislation requires constant vigilance.

With employee payroll data being of particular interest to cybercriminals and other threat actors, it is important to make sure that you have secure processes in place to allow employees to share their data when they need to, particularly for purposes of securing finance.

Tambla has partnered with Equifax Australia to provide a simple solution that helps increase the protection of employee data when it needs to be shared with financial institutions. That Equifax Verification Exchange® solution is now available to all Tambla customers and can be extended to any organisation using SAP payroll.

Verification Exchange helps you to reduce the risks of internal actor fraud, inadvertent data disclosures and reputational damage, as well as providing a secure and enhanced employee experience, by removing the need for you or your employees to download, print or send pay-slips, summaries and proof of income over email or by other insecure means.

Please join Tambla and and Equifax to find out how you and your employees can benefit

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