Tambla Childcare Solutions

A focus for child care centres across Australia is meeting the government’s quality of service requirements.

Tambla Workforce Management (WFM) enables child care centres to focus on what matters – the children. Facilitating compliance with the National Quality Framework by ensuring Educator to Child ratios and matching ratios with the correct qualifications, ComOps WFM simplifies your allocation of staff.

We understand the many challenges of managing a child care workforce. Working towards and meeting Educator to Child ratios, Educator qualification, and staffing requirements can be a complex task.

Tambla can help address the many demands associated with managing and optimising their business when it comes to:

• Compliance
Educator to child ratios, qualifications and certifications automatically matched to stipulated requirements.

• Manage Cost
Enable changes before exceeding projected staffing costs.

• Work Health & Safety
Easily accessible tools enabling all workers to record incidents, hazards and risks.

Download this datasheet to learn how Tambla can help automate your time and attendance, workforce management and award interpretation.

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