Tambla Health & Aged Care Solutions

Meeting the complex requirements of patient care in a variety of settings, while controlling costs.

Tambla Workforce Management (WFM) introduces our Client Services module which works in conjunction with our workforce management solution to provide you with a complete solution to manage your health care workforce.

With an increasing number of people preferring to remain in their own home whilst receiving care, managing how these patients are serviced requires more in-depth workforce management.

The following is a snapshot of how Tambla WFM helps our customers address the many demands associated with optimising workforce in the health and aged care sector:

• Drive Efficiency
Automating manual tasks for administrators and enabling self-service across your workforce.

• Optimisation
Better utilisation of your resources, ensuring optimum patient care.

• Mobile Workforce
Our client services module enables you to manage your off-site workforce effectively & efficiently.

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