Tambla Industry Specific Module Solutions

Are you forecasting the cost of your event accurately? Do your events run to budget? Is the scheduling for your venue getting out of hand? Are you able to quickly replace absent staff.

Taking both your employees and client preferences into consideration, Tambla can optimise your remote or residential workforce. We provide mobile collection of hours worked, along with geodata confirming location, which can then be used to pay your staff and to invoice your clients.

Take the headache out of managing your next event with Tambla’s off-site workforce management solution in the following ways:

• Drive efficiency
Automating collection of data from remote locations and enabling self-service for your off-site workforce.

• Workforce Optimisation
Match the right staff to the right client optimise the work order for daily scheduling.

• Payroll & Client billing
Award interpretation with seamless integration to your payroll and automated invoice and billing.

Download this datasheet to learn how Tambla can help automate your time and attendance, workforce management and award interpretation.

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