Tambla Registered Clubs Solutions

Tambla enables Registered Clubs in Australia to plan their workforce requirements with ease.

With the ability and local knowledge to accommodate the complexity of modern awards and enterprise agreements – and link directly to your payroll system, we help ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.

Tambla is an innovative enterprise HR software company delivering intelligent workforce solutions for Registered Clubs in Australia. We have the tools proven to ensure workforce visibility, optimisation and compliance at your Club.

The following is a snapshot of how Tambla WFM helps our customers address the many demands associated with optimising workforce in registered clubs:

• Automate Manual Tasks
Tambla WFM reduces payroll admin time and manual data entry by up to 50% and increases accuracy with intelligent automation

• Drive Efficiency
Providing reusable modelling, reducing administration and enabling self-service across your workforce

• Reduce Cost
Intelligent roster modelling and insights can reduce a shift labour force wage bill by up to 10%.

• Manage Budgets
Ensuring accurate forecast of expenses through real-time cost calculation for staff and events

Download this datasheet to learn how Tambla can help automate your time and attendance, workforce management and award interpretation.

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