Tambla Roster Choices Solutions

Tambla’s Roster choices allows you to implement the flexible conditions of your Award or Agreement – Empowering employees to choose their preferences.

Tambla has worked, in conjunction with a number of our clients for whom this issue represented a significant challenge and developed unique capability to handle Individual (Mutual) Flexible Arrangements – for simplicity we have called this capability: ‘Roster Choices’.

Roster choices allows you to publish the conditions you wish to make available or that are available through the Award or Agreement via the Employee Self Service application and allow employees to choose the conditions they are prepared to accept.

Empower employees with Roster Choices in the following ways:

• Tambla Roster Choices
Provide employees with a simple menu of selections based on the flexible conditions within your awards – presented in the Employee Self Service applications.

• Automatic Integration
Present options, capture choices, record changes and apply the correct validations and calculations – all with minimal effort. Ensure related choices are considered automatically during the rostering process and when calculating costs and payroll.

• Audit and Record
Maintain a full record of all history – including changes, dates, times and choices. Chose when to present options – either as ongoing choices or during certain ‘enrollment’ periods.

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