Tambla Temporary Staff Services

When placing staff your reputation is on the line. Having the right staff, with the right qualifications, on time and within budget, is key to your success.

Tambla Workforce Management (WFM) automates staff rosters, budgets, time-sheets, payroll processes and invoicing.

For decades Tambla WFM has been providing workforce management solutions to the temporary and contingent staff services sector, helping organisations to: manage their labour costs, reduce administration overload, enhance staff communication and improve workforce visibility.

The following is a snapshot of how Tambla WFM helps our customers address the many demands associated with managing and optimising their business and how it can help yours:

• Drive Efficiency
Automating manual tasks for administrators and enabling selfservice across your workforce.

• Reduce Cost
ComOps WFM minimises administration time while reducing staffing costs.

• Billing & Invoicing
Automated, accurate and timely invoicing of your clients.

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