Time & Attendance

Capture the hours worked simply, efficiently and accurately. Automate accurate payroll calculation and integrate seamlessly with your payroll system.

The Benefits of Time & Attendance with Tambla

Using advanced automation and state of the art data collection from biometrics, facial recognition and mobile apps, Tambla’s Time & Attendance systems eliminate manual timesheet entry, significantly cutting down on errors. 

Automatically capture schedule variations, overtime and other late changes for improved budget management.

With built-in attendance tracking, managers have a clear picture of the state of play – ensuring informed decisions and better business outcomes.

Through its rapid and efficient data collection capabilities, Tambla’s Time & Attendance system provides organisations with comprehensive and auditable records in an instant. This swift and detailed access to staff activity data equips businesses with the tools to make well-informed decisions in real-time. 

For Australian enterprises, this can translate to a competitive edge: they can dynamically optimise staff utilisation and deployment.

Tambla’s Time & Attendance solution provides intelligent integration.

Seamlessly integrating to your existing payroll system, Tambla eliminates manual data export, import and re-entry – dramatically reducing the risk of errors occuring. 

Ensuring accurate data transfer means more accurate payroll and fewer exceptions to manage. 

This synergy of adaptability, smart design, and payroll precision streamlines workforce management processes, driving operational efficiency.

Our award interpretation tools are designed in Australia to handle some of the most complex employment frameworks in the world. 

Accurate data means precise payroll processing, saving Australian businesses time and money. In an environment where minor payroll errors can lead to costly compliance penalties and reputational damage 

Australian businesses benefit by ensuring the rosters created align seamlessly with Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements, making payroll processing faster and more accurate.

Clock In with Confidence: Tambla's Time & Attendance Features


In today's fast-paced work environment, real-time engagement with your workforce is essential. Tambla's apps empower and engage employees.

Staff can effortlessly clock in and out. They can access their schedules, check when they are working, update their availability, submit leave requests.

This autonomy not only boosts morale but streamlines tedious administrative tasks.

Secure & Accurate

No matter how you deploy Tambla’s Time & Attendance, we have a flexible solution for your business.

Biometric and facial recognition authentication and our own mobile App (TamblaOne) options provide responsive and accurate data capture and allow businesses to select the best option for each of their teams and locations.

Leading authentication & anti-fraud technologies provide you with security and accuracy.

Instant Data Access

Data-driven decision-making is paramount in effective business management.

Tambla’s integrated reporting suite allows organisations to swiftly monitor trends, manage overtime, and compare budgeted figures to actual results.

This ease of data collection and analysis aids in more informed planning and forecasting, leading to better operational strategies and cost control.


Automating & Streamlining Your Time and Attendance Management

In an era of rapid business change and the increase of flexible and more casual work, managing staff, hours, and payroll has never been more complicated. 

With this complexity, the risk of errors in the process also increases. 

With staff underpayments consistently making headlines, and financial consequences and reputational damage impacting businesses – it makes more sense than ever to automate your time & attendance.

Delve into our comprehensive guide and inearth strategies for seamless streamlining, smart automation, and harnessing real-time data for pivotal decisions.

Tambla Time & Attendance Solutions:
Run by Australians, for Australian businesses

Choosing an Australian time and attendance solution, particularly one like Tambla’s, is crucial for several reasons:

Local Compliance

Australian labour laws, awards, and enterprise agreements have specific requirements that are unique to the country.

An Australian-based solution like Tambla's is specifically designed to accommodate these intricacies, helping to ensure you remain compliant and mitigate risks associated with breaches or non-compliance.

Cultural Understanding

An Australian solution is more likely to be attuned to the cultural nuances, work ethics, and expectations of the Australian workforce.

This ensures smoother integration with your business, improved adoption rates and more importantly, provides value to your staff and teams.

Local Support

Should issues arise or if support is needed, having an Australian-based provider ensures timely assistance during business hours.

Additionally, understanding not only your business challenges, but local contexts can lead to more efficient troubleshooting and resolutions.

Data Sovereignty

With growing concerns about data security and privacy, using an Australian solution ensures that businesses are abiding by their storage and handling requirements.

It also offers the assurance that sensitive information remains within the country's jurisdiction, reducing potential vulnerabilities.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is meant by "time and attendance"?

Time and attendance refers to systems that allow employers to monitor and accurately capture the working hours of their employees, ensuring compliance with schedules and correct payments.

Time and attendance systems enhance workforce management by simplifying the data capture process, providing more compliant, expedient, and accurate business operations. With these systems, operational efficiency gets a boost as key employee management processes are automated, leading to reduced costs and providing real-time management visibility.

A robust time and attendance solution not only helps companies capture the hours worked with efficiency and accuracy but also enables management to receive notifications around exceptions and absences. It also ensures a seamless integration with your existing payroll system, automating work rules and award interpretations to ensure compliance and staff satisfaction.

The modern time attendance system, especially those that are cloud-based, have the ability to synchronise presence data in real-time across different locations. This software is adept at creating multiple transmission patterns with diverse rule sets, streamlining the management of staff shifts, absences, and payments.

By integrating time & attendance solutions, you are essentially automating manual timesheet processes and ensuring a smooth compatibility with your current payroll software. Such systems save both time and money, help in faster and accurate data collection, reduce payroll errors, and overall, increase productivity. It also plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of accountability and morale among employees.

Timesheet automation in time and attendance software digitalises the process of capturing and tracking working hours. This shift towards digital ensures that monitoring individual employees’ working hours is not only simple but also more reliable and efficient.

Scheduling automation, an integral component of time & attendance solutions, paves the way for better time management, improved accuracy, and a reduced risk of rostering errors. This not only saves valuable time but also fortifies the overall productivity of the employees.

Utilising a Time & Attendance solution ensures precise tracking and recording of employee working hours. By automating and accurately capturing these hours, businesses can significantly diminish the likelihood of payroll discrepancies that can lead to underpayment. Moreover, systems like those provided by Tambla, come equipped with features that align with local labour laws and regulations. This means that not only are employees compensated correctly for their time, but the company also stays in compliance, avoiding potential legal consequences and penalties.