Enterprise agility must start with HR


To be agile, an organisation must be malleable, and in sync with, internal and external factors. This is extremely important in the fast paced, innovation-driven environment we reside in.

Over 70% of organisations globally utilise an agile methodology in one facet or another. But what percent of these organisations have HR at the heart of their agile strategy?

HR and agile is an unfamiliar combination to most. However, it is an essential combination to accurately incorporate agile into enterprise. It is a strategic function that dictates growth, efficiency gains and cost savings; important factors that characterise an agile enterprise.

Agility within the HR function requires 3 fundamental steps:

  1. Start small: implement agile in one function first.
  2. Establish consistency: Agile must eventually be incorporated across the board to prevent functions moving at different rates.
  3. Leverage agile tools: Use tools that provide real-time feedback, to help employees align individual and team goals with the organisation’s goals.

Going agile must start with HR. HR is the one function that has a holistic view of the entire enterprise. Is your agile approach governed by HR

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